Friday, September 28, 2012

While studying I think the following : -

Another superb long trending topic is #WhileStudyingIThink - in simple terms While studying I think - Ok as every one know the mind work till the human is born and it stop when you are in the examination hall. I personally experience that there are many bad or either good thoughts which either demotivate or motivate you when you are appearing to examinations.

#WhileStudyingIThink is a trending topic in India which is a contest played on twitter by WeLearnIndia


"Tweet what all thoughts come to your mind while studying at #WhileStudyingIThink & stand a chance to win a Gift".

Following are the list of tweeples thinking on the topic #WhileStudyingIThink

Even The Needles Of Wall Clock Are Beautiful. #WhileStudyingIThink

#WhileStudyingIThink of importance of all theories made by people which now turned into books

#WhileStudyingIThink I should really check my notification now. Its been a long time. (Time : 1 Minute 21

#WhileStudyingIThink What my friends might be reading now.

#WhileStudyingIThink I only used to dream while studying, that too about _________ ;)

#WhileStudyingIThink How many more pages are remaining

My thinking on the trend is a photo below -  especially when i use to see my friends studying

#WhileStudyingIThink of that particular stunt or action scene in a movie and how it must have been made :)

#WhileStudyingIThink about how much more than the topper of the class i would have scored if started
studying from the beginning of the sem.

#WhileStudyingIThink what i'll do after studying. :P

#WhileStudyingIThink why am I studying?

#WhileStudyingIThink what I am doing? I have to join the match b/w India vs Pakistan as true Indian ;)

#WhileStudyingIThink how many days are left for my exams and how much course I still need to prepare

#WhileStudyingIThink about the weekend

#WhileStudyingIThink What if I don't know anything in the paper tomorrow!

#whilestudyingithink of everything else that I could have been doing :/

#WhileStudyingIThink about holidays ;)

#WhileStudyingIThink things written is absolutely opposite whats happening in the outer world

#WhileStudyingIThink my mind sometime wander toward kitchen and I start thinking yummy food while

#WhileStudyingIThink I always go to Preview and make predictions

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