Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Explanation on twitter egg Avatar/image

After a long time here i explain you why twitter use egg avatar for new users or default users. I have even covered the disadvatages you face when you dont remove the egg avatar with your Picture on twitter.

First let’s begin with the Icons or Logo twitter use

Twitter logo is a bird – Birds lays egg

Home Button is a Bird house

Compose a tweet – A quill

And when you join twitter – You will see the egg image

– Can you relate something from the above icons used

Let’s connect more in detail explanation

When you join twitter – the default profile image is egg – which needs to be changed

Once the egg laid off it mean there will be a birth of a complete bird –A normal egg avatar can be considered as that you are not completely active user of Twitter since there is no image. You must remove the egg avatar to enhance your twitter account

The biggest disadvantage of using egg avatar on twitter :
  • You might be considered spammed
  • You are not a frequent user
  • No Increase in followers or may be non following
There are many tools which allows to remove the egg avatar followers quickly so be assure to remain the egg avatar and be a bird of twitter rather than just an egg

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