Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do these thing before you die - BeforeYouDie

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Before you die is a trending topic of twitter here we go with the list what tweeples think about the things they would like to do, know before they die

Live,Love,Smile,Laugh,cry,enjoy #BeforeYouDie

#BeforeYouDie make sure you live and not just stay alive!

#BeforeYouDie LIVE! In my words "LIVE before U LEAVE"

#BeforeYouDie Make sure you delete all the video compilation of your most non-attractive surveillance camera appearances.

Take a look to the sky just #BeforeYouDie; it's the last time you will.

Let's do it once more #BeforeYouDie

Want to know Victoria's Secret !! #BeforeYouDie

#BeforeYouDie ensure you've done all the crazy things you always wanted to, without caring what the world 

#BeforeYouDie throw a rock at Justin Bieber

#BeforeYouDie you must travel a much as you can

Roaming the streets of Paris is first on my bucket list. #BeforeYouDie

#BeforeYouDie Skydiving is on the top of my bucket list, don't know how I'll jump off a plane when the time 
comes though!

#BeforeYouDie again  Up all night.....(:

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