Sunday, September 23, 2012

#NameThatWasAlmostYours - Name that was almost yours

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#NameThatWasAlmostYours - Name that was almost yours - trending topic worldwide monday morning

Here we go with the list of tweets on the trending #NameThatWasAlmostYours

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Regina George

#Namethatwasalmostyours Water, Cause all these bitches thirsty (;

#NameThatWasAlmostYours axe. As in axeident.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours first name? GREATEST. last name? EVER.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Ariel, because my mom wanted me to be a red head like the Disney mermaid..

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Sierra or Sunshine, they couldn't decide so they used both. Ahahahhahaha

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Gretchen Wieners

#NameThatWasAlmostYours seksiest fukin persin in teh wurld bt dat wuz 2 long

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Dwight Radden lmaao like wtf. I would been mad.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Anastasia! Like really mom?!!!

#NameThatWasAlmostYours esteban julio ricardo montoya de la rosa ramirez buuuut my parents decided 3 letters was enough

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