Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#MyExTaughtMe - My Ex Taught Me

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 #MyExTaughtMe - My Ex Taught Me is another interesting topic which is trending on twitter today let see what is tweeples reaction and what their ex taugh them in life.

#MyExTaughtMe you can't keep chasing after someone that just doesn't want you!

#MyExTaughtMe differential calculus and quantum mechanics. I taught him how to rob stuff from Tesco. He's in jail now - gets bummed a lot.

#MyExTaughtMe that lassies are not just cows when on their periods but 95% of their lives

#MyExTaughtMe how to being a strong person when someone special leaving me.

#MyExTaughtMe that i am too awesome to be in a relationship
#MyExTaughtMe if a guy uses the excuse not to see you as 'eating my tea' and takes more than an hour, they're with another girl

#myextaughtme anybody can say I love you but not everyone can truly mean it

#MyExTaughtMe that people changed, feelings fade :')

#MyExTaughtMe that FOREVER isn't as long as I thought it was....

#MyExTaughtMe forever doesn't exist

#MyExTaughtMe that the money spent on him/her could have been used to give charities instead.

#MyExTaughtMe belive isn't word for allowing a lie

#MyExTaughtMe to stay single for a while and have some fun

#MyExTaughtMe The relationship will never last long if there are no trust,love and honesty.

#MyExTaughtMe that sometimes a right uppercut solves arguments quicker than any talking can.

#MyExTaughtMe the hottest love has the coldest end.."

#MyExTaughtMe how to breath without her

#MyExTaughtMe that I deserve someone better.

#MyExTaughtMe It's better to have loved and lost and that antibiotics cure only the less serious STDs.

#MyExTaughtMe that the worst feeling is only being together because you miss what you used to have

#MyExTaughtMe that if you change your life for them, they'll cheat on you.

#MyExTaughtMe not to settle for someone who tries to bring you down with them

#MyExTaughtMe to becareful the next time i fall in love

#MyExTaughtMe that I could do so much better.

#MyExTaughtMe that second chances are just not worth it, a leopard can't change its spots

#MyExTaughtMe how to being a strong person when someone special leaving me.

#MyExTaughtMe so much about love and life itself. He always brought out the worst and the best in me. 
Thanks, I guess.

#MyExTaughtMe how to fake a orgasm

#MyExTaughtMe that one of the hardest things to do is to forgive. Not just saying the words but truly forgiving them for what they did to u

#MyExTaughtMe that forever takes only a while.

#MyExTaughtMe That disposing of bodies isn't that hard...

#MyExTaughtMe that one bad memory can ruin the good ones

#MyExTaughtMe no matter how much you want something to work out, it wont always go your way.

#MyExTaughtme you never give your all to anyone cause when it's over you'll have nothing but broken 
pieces left.

#MyExTaughtMe that second chances are usually a waste of time

#MyExTaughtMe That There's No Such Thing As "Forever."

#MyExTaughtMe Never to trust anyone.

#MyExTaughtMe I deserved 100x better.

#MyExTaughtMe that love can feel so good and hurt so bad..

#MyExTaughtMe you can't keep chasing after someone that just doesn't want you!

#MyExTaughtMe that I have a bad taste in guys

#MyExTaughtMe no matter how amazing someone is in the beginning, time flies, people change & feelings fade.

#MyExTaughtMe that you can lose yourself trying to hold on to someone who doesn't even care about 
losing you.

#MyExTaughtMe that one lie can ruin a Thousand truths

#MyExTaughtMe the hottest love has the coldest end..

#MyExTaughtMe Second chances dont mean a thing because some people never change.

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