Friday, September 7, 2012

What is life without Google #LifeWithoutGoogle

Another Interesting topic today trending on twitter is Life without google in twitter terminology it is #LifeWithoutGoogle

Google is one of the most important part of every Internet user. It is almost considered a synonym to internet. I can bet that 60% of user go to to check their internet connectivity. People speak the term “Google it” instead of “Search it” or “research it”

So here the question arise is what is life without google.

If there is no google I would say there would be no good search engines, Since the kind of result provided on a particular search with loads of option. Apart from this if there is no google then we might not have applications such as gmail, videos, Google reader, Blogger, Google News, Google Alerts, and of course Google Chrome, Google Adsense and much more. . . 

Since there are so many services which google offers - i would say life would be little difficult for internet users.

Let see what tweeple's have contributed for this trending topic here we go with the list:

#LifeWithoutGoogle is like Emraan Hashmi movie without Kiss

#LifeWithoutGoogle is like India without Modi!

#LifeWithoutGoogle is like my Exam Performance. Lots of Questions - No answers ;-)

#LifeWithoutGoogle well would have been really difficult if u ask me !..

#LifeWithoutGoogle unimaginable!

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