Friday, September 21, 2012

Schedule your Future Tweets with

Another interesting topic for twitter users on how to schedule your twitter tweets for future with twuffer Previously we covered topic on How to schedule tweets for future with futuretweets. I am covering this topic since I have seen that people are too busy to get actively connected with their followers on twitter.

Hence there are certain tools on internet which can help you in managing your tweets for future or simply scheduling tweets as and when required. Scheduling a tweet for future helps you in to get connected with your followers and may be incline in followers.  Twuffer allows twitter user to compose list of tweets for future and schedule them accordingly. Currently in beta version Twuffer is free and can be used by anyone who need to schedule tweets.

Below is the screenshot when you go to

To start with you need to login with your twitter account which needs to be authorize if you already logged in and you will see the below screen:

Once you Authorize the application following screen will be shown

Now lets go into more details :

First you need to select the timezone in which you want to tweet – this helps in selecting particular target audiences also. If you want to display your tweets publicly on twuffer home page you can allow or disallow.

Dashboard : Twuffer has superb and simple dashboard which allows you to see the total number of tweets you entered, tweets which are schedule and number of tweet sent 
Schedule tweets : This feature allows you to see the number of schedule tweets, You can edit or delete the tweets and sort as required. Sent tweets tab will show you the number of sent tweets.

You can also check the fail tweets in the fail tab. 

According to my usage i will give 5 out of 5 stars because of simplicity and easiness for using, do check out more postings which will help in enhancing your twitter account 

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