Thursday, September 13, 2012

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish - Kannada Proverbs In English

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish - Kannada Proverbs In English is trending on Twitter India topic which is today latest trending topics

Following are the list of tweets related to Kanada Proverbs in English

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish Hold Donkey's legs to get your work done

Greed is the root cause of sorrow #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Dinner without buttermilk is like a Lady without Shyness #KannadaProverbsInEnglish #IKidYouNot

If the hand gets muddy, mouth will be filled with curds #Kannadaproverbsinenglish

Start practicing weapons only during wartime. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Person having teeth won't get peanut and person having peanut won't have teeth 

If it can't bend when it is a plant, How can it bend when it's a tree? #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

It's not son-in-law, but a daughter's husband! :#KannadaProverbsInEnglish

grandmother thinking of clothes, granddaughter thinking of something else. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

"If I say something as it is u get up and kick my chest" #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Pumpkin thief means he is touching his shoulders #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Husband and wife's fight usually ends once they Eat and get back into bed #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

What ever happens, it is always for good. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

You have to drink water after eating salt. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Extend your leg till the matress #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

You can trust thieves, you can't trust short people. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

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