Thursday, September 20, 2012

#WaysToMakeMeSmile - List of ways to make someone smile

Tagged as ways to make some one happy - Worldwide trending topic  #WaysToMakeMeSmile - Ways to make me smile on the top position of twitter. Making someone smile is one of the biggest challenge since every one is worried with their problems - Making someone smile can bring tears

- I still remember that day when my friend made me smile and i cried hugging him - He only told me these words "You are a Graduate Now"

Let's see what are the ways that make you smile by tweeps:

#WaysToMakeMeSmile Send me a cute goodnight text while I'm sleeping so I wakes up with a smile on my face.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile do the cutest corniest things without caring what your friends think.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile stay in and watch movies with me all night.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile: Remember all the little things about me :D

#WaysToMakeMeSmile make me food

#WaysToMakeMeSmile blow up my phone with cute stuff while im sleeping at night

#WaysToMakeMeSmile Good times + Good friends + Good food + Good lover + Good music

#WaysToMakeMeSmile have a sense of humor

#waystomakemesmile running to me when you see me. thats cute as hell

#WaysToMakeMeSmile: Knowing the smile on your face is from me..

#WaysToMakeMeSmile Showing me through your actions that you care

#WaysToMakeMeSmile random kisses

#WaysToMakeMeSmile Text me first, unexpectedly.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile coming up and hugging me from behind #cutest

#waystomakemesmile when you look into my eyes and tell me you love me.(:

#waystomakemesmile Goodnight calls

Kindly note that smile and laugh both are different - smile comes from heart and laughing from face - You can make people laugh easily but smile is little difficult

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