Friday, December 28, 2012

Tony Grieg Dead

Another sad news trending on twitter is about the death of Channel Nine commentator Tony Greig who died at the age of 66. He was Former England Cricket Captain and played a senior role in Kerry Packer's
World Series Cricket revolutions.

In the month of October he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Greig died at his home on Saturday morning due to heart Attack

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jupiter and the moon aligned together - Images

Here we go with the rare images of Jupiter and Moon aligned together - Yesterday i saw moon from my house and found that how come there is a star too closer to Moon, and finally found that it was Jupiter which is quite nearer to moon.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - end of the world confessions

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - End of the world confessions is trending on twitter since today is 21.12.2012 which as per Mayan calendar will be the end of the world. I felt this topic will interest you to understand the confession which people are making thinking the world will end today.

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions i wasn't even gonna come this year cba - Santa Claus

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I eat vegetarians!

#endoftheworldconfessions mom, remember all those times I said I was staying after school. Yeah I was smoking weed

#endoftheworldconfessions "i hooked up with shane omen in the projection room above the auditorium." #meangirls

The beef from the 80's is underneath the couch. That's WHERE the beef is. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions

#endoftheworldconfessions I used to look at peoples feet when I played heads up seven up.. Still feel a bit guilty about it

#endoftheworldconfessions it wasn't shaggy, it was me.

#endoftheworldconfessions ..I let the dogs out

#endoftheworldconfessions Sometimes i like to fill trash bags full of jello,crawl inside and pretend im an unborn fetus

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked tonight. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I am straight and I have seen all you girls changing #success

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I'm gay

#endoftheworldconfessions I put Vaseline all over my body sometimes and pretend I'm a slug... Lol

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I over think about the smallest things and let it ruin my mood.

#endoftheworldconfessions I once ate 15 packs of gushers in one night..... And I would have eaten more if I didn't run out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

Monday, December 17, 2012

#2012TaughtMe - 2012 Taught Me

#2012TaughtMe or 2012 Taught me 

After a long time covering some trending topics on social media website #2012TaughtMe yes this is dedicated to the year 2012 which soon be going out from our lives. Let see what is the reaction of the people on this trend. 

#2012taughtme to not trust nobody

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but you learn something in Life.

#2012taughtme there's always a reason when something happened. Maybe it is not beneficial in the near future but for the long run.

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye to one you love the most is the hardest thing ever!

#2012taughtme stay away from boybands unless u want your soul taken from u ?

#2012taughtme that im surrounded by amazing friends only i didn't realized it, thanks guys for making this year such a memorable memories.

#2012taughtme that you're fat.

#2012taughtme that no matter how many years go by, people are always going to be just as fake

#2012taughtme im not who i thought i was

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but its an experience you will enjoy..

#2012taughtme food will always be there for me when friends are not.

Stfu with your #2012taughtme already lol

#2012taughtme that high school was a joke and that college is badass

#2012taughtme that life goes on, and that taking things day by day is the best decision. Just let it happen, live with no worries.

#2012taughtme how to twerk

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever..

#2012taughtme I love drinking

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ways to collect Social Media Data

How to Collect Social Media Data

Data is one of the most important part of the business as it allows you to get hold of your customers, suppliers or any others people who can add advantage to your business. Data adds value to different business aspects specially Marketing as it allows you to generate leads and brand loyalty.

Today we will learn what are the ways to collect social media Data

There are many social networking sites from where you can collect the data but maintaining a quality data which is meaningful to add value is little difficult task you can collect data from the following sources :

Social Media Connections :

You might have various social media sites account where you are communicating with your client some of them are Twitter followers, Facebook Likers, connections on LinkedIn and others. You can keep them safe and also note that to keep the quality of followers and people to your social media account. You may have millions of followers but if they don't qualify to add quality to your business then they are of no use.

User Engagement : To collect social media data is to understand if your followers are really liking your activity, This can be further segregated via number of likes, comments, shares etc.

Youtube : Another way to collect social media data is to check the pageviews on the videos you have posted since this will allow you to take corrective measure if your videos are not watched or not liked by the users. It also depend on the subscribers you have for youtube.

People Speaking : You can search on twitter regarding the keyword your organization use for the products and services and via twitter or facebook search you can found how many people are talking about the similar product. This is another effective way to generate leads and collect social media data.

Click through Rate : To know about or tracking number of clicks your link got is another way to know the success and collecting data - this can be done specially when you post short links via bitly.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trending Topics Today - Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends - Worldwide (Contributed from Twitter Trending topics)

Surrender - The Collective
New Zealand

Social Media Trends - Australia 

Surrender - The Collective
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds of Summer

Social Media Trends -  India

Anand Sharma
New Zealand
Eden Gardens

Social Media Trends - Germany 

Europa League

Social Media Trends - United States


Social Media Trends - Russia 

Сенат США

Social Media Trends - Italy 

Kidrauhl You Are Our Grammy

Social Media Trends - United Kingdom


Social Media Trends - United Arab Emirates 


Monday, December 3, 2012

How Social Media helps in connecting employees

We discuss on this blog that social media plays very important role in different aspect of your business activity. Another post where we will cover ways you can connect your employees through social media. Social media not only helps business but also incorporation of employees. For Eg :  I feel proud when my boss accept my request and comment on my Facebook post - I really feel that they truly read my posting and either accept or correct it. Similarly when various employees join a social networking sites the communication and incorporation between them increase.

My personal experience is that in my company there are more than 100 employees, I may not be interacting with all of them but if i have a connection on social media site if I feel connected with them. Henceforth Creating company group where employees can interact or communicate is one of the best activity to make them as a team.

3 Social Media Sites which can help in connecting employees: 

1. Facebook: 

That was for sure since it is the second ranking website (result may vary) but yes you can create a company fan page or a group where you can interact with your employees on new issues, news or simply their recommendations  I have seen many companies use Motivational quotes on their facebook group page which is another good activity you can carry.

2. LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is considered as one of the best social website to connect professionals. On LinkedIn you can create a company page and cultivate different activities. Another advantage of having LinkedIn is that you can even connect with your clients which will increase the brand loyalty.

3. Google:

Another way of getting connected with your employees is using google hangouts specifically for those who are working onsite or travelling.

Other ways where you can get connected with employees via social media 

Twitter - Employees can follow company twitter account and can retweet tweets to create greater effects.
Pinterest - On Pinterest you can create a board for employees which engage everyone for decision making

What other social media you feel would be better interacting with employees - Comment 

How Social Media Helps in Job Recruitment

How you can use Social media for recruiting ? 

Social media is playing one of the most important role in communicating various message to various people around the world. So the question is how social media helps in recruiting correct people for your company ? As recruiting perfect people for your organization is relatively a challenging task.

Old Techniques of Recruitment :

Previously companies used to recruits people via advertising in traditional media such as newspaper, database recruitment, job portals or finally hiring professional recruiters. But today companies are using social media networking since it allows you to get right candidate at a right time.

Social Media : 

Three best social media networking sites - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn where every person at-least has their account and spend few minutes or may be few hours to check what is actually happening in their network, henceforth considered as the best targeted sites. There may be many more sites which people are using but the above are considered as the major one to target. Everyday people share knowledge, pictures, ideas and opinions on these websites.

How Recruitment Activities are done from Social Media : 

Major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which almost consists of more than 500+ million user active everyday are considered as one of the best source towards hiring people. A research from my company HR who suggested that LinkedIn is considered as the best source of recruiting correct people. More than 60% of method our company HR use towards recruitment is through LinkedIn as it is site which is specifically created for professionals and it allows HR to check all the past histories of the work an employee has done. The process depend upon User to user but the base is that LinkedIn allows you to create a detail page and send emails whenever a new job is posted to the users which are interested in that category.

Apart from that companies can also make use of the Facebook Page to announce about new recruitment and through sharing people who are interested can apply for the job. All over the world many companies are using LinkedIn majorly for recruitment purposes since it is one of the leading professionalism social media site and companies get right kind of candidates upon LinkedIn.

Henceforth there are other traditional method which is still alive for recruitment but Social media is booming since it gives opportunities for both to the recruiter to select best candidate and to job hunters for getting great opportunities in the market.

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn | How to Social Networking with Linkedin | 

Today we will discuss about advantages of using LinkedIn which is one of the largest professional networking site with more than 170+ million users. LinkedIn started in the year 2003 and it is basically used for professional networking. The main USP of LinkedIn is its target audience is professionals and not like twitter or Facebook generic users. People who register to LinkedIn talks business.

We even covered in our previous blog posting that LinkedIn is one of the website where your business presence is important to improvise your social media networking.

Professional Connections : One of the main advantages of using LinkedIn is getting connected with Professionals who are in the similar industry. By connecting with professionals you build a very serious network of people where you can release news and other important aspect of your business.

Opinions : Another advantage of using LinkedIn is the opinion which comes from various professionals. Yes they are not only opinions but they are experienced opinions which helps you to take corrective decisions for your career or for your business.

Discussions : With LinkedIn you do discussion to the point and you get answers for what actually you might be searching for. There are Question and Answer section where you can ask question related to a topic.

Job Seeking : Every day you will find job postings where companies are hiring people may be in your category. This way you get detailed information about the companies working and it also allows you to get right job for yourself.

New Clients : You can search for new clients, opportunities and business on social media by connecting with people. There are many companies who do advertisements on LinkedIn since the scope of getting intouch with the decision makers on the site is higher comparing other way of online advertisement. Apart from that you also get connected with your old customers who can remember you and may provide new references.

Old Connections : Getting connected with your old college friends or old customers is another advantage, you always get news about their whereabouts.

Increase Social Networking : Using LinkedIn helps you increasing your social networking with various people across the globe. You can start your own company page where other news or announcement can be posted.

There are many other advantages of using LinkedIn both for professionals and for businesses. Do share on what advantages you got while using LinkedIn - Comment

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Companies are using Social Media ?

What Importance Social Media provides to Companies ?  | Why Social Media for Business? | Top 8 Advantages of using Social Media for your Business

That is one of the first question which any company ask that what importance social media provides, If you are unaware or still not using social media for your business then you are doing biggest mistake. since as per my experience when i ask to any customer that you should start social media - they say that why it is require, our concentration is more on traditional media. But the days has gone since social media is emerging at a rapid rate and people are more believing on social sites even comparing their friends feed back for purchasing certain products.

Top 8 advantages where social media help your business

After researching and working on social media from past 4 years following are the areas where it can groom your business.

1. Branding : One of the best advantage of social media is branding. Branding with low cost, which means you don't have to do heavy budgeting also for branding your products. Like on twitter or facebook page, you can get your target audience who will be interested in purchasing your products and services.

2. Customers Interaction :  As discussed in my previous post that Social media remove barriers when used for customer interaction. You can directly pitch for a product or about your services if you find a prospect who are looking out for something where you can help

3. Feedback to improvise: Social Media sites such as forums allows you to have a proper feedback from your customer and help to improvise your services.

4. Customer Relationship Management : Another way where social media helps you in Customer relationship management where you can support your customer by taking their online queries and resolving them quickly.

5. Marketing : With social media you can do Marketing of your products on various free classified website or on google adwords. Social media helps you in create your powerful online presence across the globe if required

6. Increase Sales : As discussed in the above para social media helps you in generating sales leads from various channels. Apart from that the sales which happens via social media is quick because i have seen that customer prepare their mind on what to purchase so it reduce the sales cycle timing.

7. News announcement : Social media helps you in News announcement or Press releases to your customers. There are many website which offers you free press release services also.

8. Competition : Getting information about your competition is little difficult but if you are on social media sites such as twitter or Linkedin social media helps you in understanding what your competition is doing and you can take necessary actions.

There are many other advantages of social media marketing, If you feel you have a case where social media has made difference in your business do share with us.