Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#ThingsIndianParentsSay - Things Indian parents say

A contribution of tweeple of the trend thing Indian parent says

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Wait till u have Kids of You're own ...

#ThingsIndianParentsSay in 10th std- yeh aakhri saal hai mehnat ka, fir aish hai, 12th- *repeat dialog,* engg 
1st -4th yr- *repeat dialog*

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Ja Simran ja...

#ThingsIndianParentsSay first study well, get a job, you stand your self then you enjoy life

 #thingsindianparentssay ghus ja tv keh Andar... man of the match toh tujhe he milne wala hai!!!!

#ThingsIndianParentsSay I used to cross the river and go to the school to study.

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Learn to cook. Your husband will leave you otherwise. xD

#ThingsIndianParentsSay we may have not made a lot of money but we have earned a lot of respect.

#ThingsIndianParentsSay 97%? You should’ve gotten 98%! You have lost focus!

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Aunty ko thank you bolo.. bolo "Thank you aunty" bolo..

#ThingsIndianParentsSay : "Where are you going? What time will you be home? With who are you going?"

One day when you will became a parent, you’ll understand #ThingsIndianParentsSay

#ThingsIndianParentsSay you're like a paying guest in the house. Might as well pay me the house rent.

#ThingsIndianParentsSay No one will marry you if your roti is not round :/

Day 1: "I'm very proud of you" | Day 2: "I'm very Disappointed in you" | Day 3: "I'm very proud of you!" 

"Tumko hi sab pata hai.. humne toh duniya dekhi hi nahi hai na." #ThingsIndianParentsSay

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Arre, you don't remember this aunty? She used to bring you chocolates when you 
were three years old!

"If you won't eat, how will you think?" - #ThingsIndianParentsSay

#ThingsIndianParentsSay : beta kuch khaya Nahin ?

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Dost, baap baap hot hai, beta beta hot hai. Meko mat sikha. (my case)

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Let us know when you get done with the drama (my case)

#ThingsIndianParentsSay 'Go, sit down with your books'

#ThingsIndianParentsSay Bado ki izzat karna kab sikhoge? :|

Some of the above dialogues of Indian parents are in Hindi - Any way Indian parents rock because they provide us with knowledge and good principles to live a better life

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