Monday, September 17, 2012

#ChildhoodChories - Theft you have done in your Childhood

#ChildhoodChories | Childhood Chories | Childhood theft is trending on twitter India - which is again an interesting topic on number 2 position today

Childhood - one of the most important and superb moment of every human, there were small theft or chories which we did in our childhood, contribute your childhood chories in the comment box.

Some of the views of tweeples on childhood chories

#ChildhoodChories stealing the chalk from the classroom

#childhoodchories Writing the most common leave not – “I was not well” or “my stomach was paining”.

#childhoodchories forgot my book at home when teacher ask for homework

#childhoodchories stealing chocolates from the fridge when every one sleep

#ChildhoodChories Signing the report card or leave note

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