Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DEAR My Face trending on twitter

DEAR My Face : Here we go with another trending topic of twitter worldwide, Although this topic doesn't include any hashtags but this being trending on a worldwide trend in 3rd to 5th position. Let see what twitter users tweeting related to this trend of Dear My Face:

Dear My Face, God created you, so you're beautiful.

DEAR My Face, I love the way you are . . . Just tell my character to be as good as you

DEAR My Face, I hate when pimples on you..

DEAR My Face ! don't wanna be called handsome or cute, just wanna be Charming

DEAR My Face, you're so kawaii

DEAR My Face can you be beautiful?

DEAR My Face, please stop being ugly. Sincerely, Me

DEAR My face, you need to get pretty k?

DEAR My Face what about becoming beautiful ?

DEAR My Face, please look like Danielle's or Eleanor's?

Dear my face, why can't you look like Rydel Lynch's?

Meanwhile another trended topic in India is #ReplaceMovieNamesWithRome - ReplaceMovie Names with Rome 

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