Sunday, September 2, 2012


Thorium scam or #ThoriumScam is trending on twitter today in Indian trends, Here we go with the top tweets on Thorium Scam

Apart from the above, other trending topics in India twitter trends are as follows:

Since Thorium Scam is trending here we go with some of the basic information about Thorium – from Wikipedia as a source

Thorium is another radioactive chemical element which occurs naturally. The Chemical symbol for thorium is Th and its atomic number is 90. Thorium was discussed in the year 1828 by Jons Jakob Berzelius, The word Thorium is named after The Norse god of thunder – Thor.

The Electron configuration of thorium - Rn 6d2 7s2 and the boiling point and melting point is 4,787° C  & 1,755° C respectively

Fact About Thorium :
Thorium is so natural that one pound of thorium can power entire apartment of 12 unites for over 1 thousand years. Not even require to burn any fossil fuels and henceforth it is green too which never have negative impact on humans and environment.

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