Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to use Twiends

We covered in our previous blog post on how twiends can increase you twitter followers quickly. In this post we will be covering how to use twiends.
Here we go with the steps on how to use twiends
Step 1: go to

On the front page you can either sign in via twitter or you can add your twitter account (See the box)

If you are already signed in from your twitter account twiends will ask for twitter authorization for the application
 If you have not logged in from your twitter account then you have to authorize the application by login into your twitter account
 After authorization you will see the below screen
Once you logged in from your twitter account there are 2 features which twiends will provide you 

A. you will get 25 seeds to your account 
B. You can select the best option for following people there are 3 option for to increase your twitter followers. 

 Once you selected the option you can seethe top bar (1) which shows you people you can follow applications, directories of people, seeds etc

2. Setting : There are various options in settings which we will be covering in below post

3 Seed : When you follow someone - you get seed / points and when some one follows you the seeds get deducted - You can set the seed offer for people who will follow you - this starts from minimum 2 seeds

4 Start following - you can see the seeds offered and start following people quickly

5. Followers with common interest - this allows you to filter the followers as per your choice/ interest.

How to do SETTINGS in twiends: 

Step 1 : is to verify you account which will give allow you to use more features of twiends
Step 2 is to offer the number of seeds/points when some one follows you - the basic number of seed starts at 2 seed further you can increase of decrease the number

Step 3 is setting up the drop rate since there might be members or followers who may unfollow you after getting seed from your following 

Step 4 is  filtering account who are old or new joinees of twiends since there might be some spammers who created account recently

Step 5 is the country you would prefer tweeple or tweeps from - for this you first need to do general setting 

Step 6 is to prevent the bad users if you feel so 
Step 7 is another important step since this may affect your twitter account - This is an auto follow feature where who ever follow you will be followed back automatically 

After these steps you can start following people from twitter

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