Saturday, September 15, 2012

Top 10 Desi Habits - #DesiHabits

Desi Habits #DesiHabits trending topic of twitter today in Indian trends lets have a look on the list of Desi Habits by Indians

Desi Habit #1 - People will buy an iPhone worth Rs 45000, but will think 100 of time to buy an application worth Rs. 45.

Desi Habit #2 -Lemons are more powerful than your driving skills – hence you will always find lemons and chillies hanging infront of the car.

Desi Habit #3 - Closing your eyes and touching forehead, lips, chin, chest every time you pass by a temple.

Desi Habit #4 - Giving miss calls

Desi Habit #5 - Spitting on clean road

Desi Habit #6 - Bad luck if a cat cross your way

Desi Habit #7 - Using ladies facial or fairness cream  

Desi Habit #8 - Keeping handkerchief from the train window to reserve your seat

Desi Habit #9 - Bargaining for 10 Rs. while purchasing products of 200 Rs.

Desi Habit #10 - Liking your own status on facebook

Contribute more if you have any ideas on Desi Habits in the comment box 

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  1. when an NRI, every contradiction is started with: 'Hamaare India mei...'