Friday, September 7, 2012

What you learn from Games - #GamingTaughtUs

Another trending topic of today was Gaming taught us - -#GamingTaughtUs, Very good response from tweeple on what they have learned from gaming – Games at childhood are the real time killer and every one love gaming. Since Now a days there are many games available specially on your smart phones

#GamingTaughtUs to make quick decisions.

#GamingTaughtUs how important power supply is!  - Batteries, invertors, power-cuts, pencil-cells, load-

#GamingTaughtUs The greater the obstacle, the closer you are to winning the game.

#GamingTaughtUs That scoring 1500 runs against Pakistan and bowling them out at 29 runs in EA sports 
cricket is such a patriotic act.

#GamingTaughtUs That challenges are just problems that we have accepted!

#GamingTaughtUs That I should always load the gun when spooky music starts playing

#GamingTaughtUs That If you are a player 2 then you are "Luigi" not mario.

#GamingTaughtUs That what doesn't kill you, makes you smaller! #Mario

#GamingTaughtUs L2+R2 Blocks Finisher move.

#GamingTaughtUs Re-spraying your car will evade the police. #GTA

#GamingTaughtUs How expensive the keyboard can be.

#GamingTaughtUs Never say die, and if you are about to die, restart.

#GamingTaughtUs That birds can also be angry...

#GamingTaughtUs That if you fail to cross the levels you can try again. Well we can relate it to life :)

#GamingTaughtUs That whenever you feel low and unwell..go to the corner of the map and find the 

#GamingTaughtUs To Never giveup ... Fight till the end...

#GamingTaughtUs That Mario was a loyal lover

#GamingTaughtUs In life, there is something more important and entertaining than women.

#GamingTaughtUs No matter how much weaker you are, you will always get back-ups, if you havent 
managed to win in 1st attempt

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