Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#WhatWomenWant - List of what Women want

#WhatWomenWant – What Women Want is one of the most difficult question – Just kidding – yes this is today’s trending topic of twitter – What women want let see some of the interesting tweets related to this topic

#WhatWomenWant - A guy they can hold on to and call their own

#WhatWomenWant is a microwave that would cook anything and everything yummy for them at the push of a button!

#WhatWomenWant - Everything you can't give her.

#WhatWomenWant ? I guess everything !!!!

#WhatWomenWant is to know what they want

#WhatWomenWant...chatty boyfriends but soundless husbands

#WhatWomenWant - the perfect man who remains perfect after being transformed a million times as per her 

#WhatWomenWant A diamond jewellery set on a marriage anniversary ;)

A piece of our scrumptious Chocolate Ecstasy #WhatWomenWant

#WhatWomenWant clothes, more clothes, some more clothes, few more clothes, maybe something else, 
actually, more clothes.

#WhatWomenWant Respect

#WhatWomenWant - A Manmohan Singh for a husband

#WhatWomenWant is the safety of not seeing you fall out of love with them.

Strong women desire men who are strong enough to remain faithful. #WhatWomenWant

#whatwomenwant a great wardrobe, a great man, and a great drink. #TRUTH

#WhatWomenWant we wanna eat like we'll never see food again, but we wanna be skinny.

#WhatWomenWant we wanna wear fancy expensive bras, to make our titties look nice.

Women get tired of hearing about what u can and will do. Women value action, a man of action is what real 
women desire. #whatwomenwant

#whatwomenwant is a balanced man who can carry a bad boy edge, but also can be romantically involved in 
the relationship.

#whatwomenwant is for a man to treat them with the respect they deserve.

#WhatWomenWant a bad boy who's good for us.

What women want: to be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be 
trusted, and sometimes just to be held.

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