Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Simple ways to be happy

Every creature on this earth find or research on ways to feel happy, easy ways to be happy, how to be happiness or either way every one wants to be happy from their life today we will be covering 10 Simple ways to be Happy in life.

1. Acceptance of your powers when you are trying to change things and they failing. Try your best you will either be a learner not a looser

2. Leave those who are hurting you, let them go out of your life since if you are considering them then you already know who are those people

3. Sing, Dance on your favorite song - Dance as you are alone in this world

4. Go to gym and take the pain of training you will find feelings are nothing

5. Meet or call someone you really like, their voice their expression can make your day better

6. Offer your smile to someone

7. Compliment to any one with golden words

8. Write down every thing you hate about yourself - burn it, rip it

9. Watch movies you like

10. Always be in a company of people have nothing this will make you realize that you have many things

Remember it is you who choose the healthy and happy life, so remember to take the above decision and never get dependent on others for your happiness,

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