Sunday, August 12, 2012

Difference between an Islamic and Pakistani Flag

I tried to cover this differentiation since from yesterday topics such as #CST is trending on twitter and people are too confused with the flag of Islam with Pakistani flag -

Although i was also confuse since both look too similar interms of the design and colour combination - But the fact is the below image

In the above you can see the difference between the Pakistani flag and Islamic flag

More information about the Islamic flag : 

This above green Islamic flag with crescent and star became a standard Islamic flag and is used till date, and another interesting point on the above islamic flag is that it is been used by Muslim since the establishment of this flag.

Used by some variations in the original Islamic Flag :

Some use variations in the crescent flag in many countries such as Pakistan as an example with white strip. other countries who use variation in the Islamic flag with the images below

Below is the image where tweeple think that the flag is a Pakistani flag

I hope the doubts are clear that the above flag is not a Pakistani flag and it is an Islamic flag


  1. its a Pakistani flag,it doesn't matter how much u try us to see,feel and look in a wrong way.

    1. I think you haven't read the post properly - :) Please read it again

    2. Star and crescent are not actually Islamic Symbols those two are older than Islam
      also using Crescent as a symbol of islam is quite un-islamic sinful etc because it represents pre-islamic paganic moon god(s) so you dont know what you are talking about the first state used these symbols was Byzantine Empire (which is christian)after that Ottomans and then Turkey those three used it secularly crescent was an ancient central asian paganic symbol for the Turks.The star-and-crescent in these flags was not originally intended as religious symbolism, but an association of the symbol with Islam developed beginning in the 1950s or 1960s do a little bit more research before trying to explain something you dont know much about yourself.

  2. thanks for clarification