Friday, September 21, 2012

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime - Favorite Songs of All time with lyrics

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#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime with lyrics, 10 Favorite Songs of All time

We collected these songs for the number of retweets to each particular tweet on the trend - Lyrics links are available to know more click on the respective links (Open in new window)

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime: Imagine - John Lennon - Lyrics 

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime 4 years old by Chris Brown - Lyrics 

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Goo Goo Dolls - Iris. - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Hoobastank - The Reason - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Friday from Rebecca Black - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime "She will be loved" - Maroon 5  - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime OutKast- Ms.Jackson - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime I Want U Back  - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Fix You - Coldplay  Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Gangnam Style!! - Lyrics

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