Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - Questions I Hate Being Asked

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There are many questions in life which a person hate – simply when you come late from outings with your friends, and someone ask where you were ? You hate that – isn’t it ? There are many questions which people hate when you asked – the hate may be the timing you are asking the question or may be the mood of the person or the situation. Let see what are the types of question people hate if asked

That awkward moment when someone asks " what's wrong? " and they are the problem. #QuestionsIHateBeingAsked

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked what DVD do you want to watch? If it wasn't for your dumb question we could be 12 seconds into Mean Girls by now

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked do you have receipts for all these flatscreen TVs?

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - Paper or plastic? For here or to go? What's the formula for a squeezed coherent quantum harmonic oscillator?

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Can you get a autograph for my.... Ahhhh

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Who's your Crush?

When you're asleep and someone wakes you up and says "Are you awake?" #QuestionsIHateBeingAsked

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Random person, can I have a piece of gum??

#questionsihatebeingasked whats wrong after repeating im fine at least five times before hand!

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked: Why do you still wear round glasses?

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked where did you last leave it (when I lose/misplace something)

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - "Can I see your phone?"

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked "What's up?" what do you think?

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked "are you going to eat that?" I DON'T SHARE FOOD

#QuestionsIHateBeingasked Can I Ask You A Question?

#QuestionsIhatebeingasked “Can you prove you're a witch?” We aren't allowed to use magic in front of Muggles, Muggle.

#QuestionsIhatebeingasked “What is your favourite flavour of jam?”

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked "why do you love Justin Bieber so much? what is so special about him?"

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked: "are you single or taken?"

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked "why are you so short?"

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked: "Who is the man behind Spider-Man?" I'm sorry, but I really can't reveal that 
great mystery.

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked "Where's your homework?"

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