Monday, September 17, 2012

How to post Pictures/Photos on twitter quickly

"Photos speak louder than written tweets"

Is the above statement is true ? - - Yes, tweeting characters on twitter may not give that much importance, which a photograph or a picture provide. Posting related pictures to the tweets can enhance your twitter account and Improve your tweets

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Many people love viewing good pictures which communicate the message in one look rather reading the whole tweet. Sharing pictures on twitter is quite easy and can increase your twitter followers - this is another method used by people to engage twitter followers

There are many tools available where you can insert a picture/photo into your twitter tweet. Some of the great tools available are 
  • TwitPic
  • Instagram
  • TweetPhoto 
  • Yfrog and so on. . 
We will be covering the simple method to upload the photo on your tweets since the above may require advance usage of twitter and may tend to open a new window for tweeting a picture. 

You can easily tweet a picture from your twitter with the following steps :

Step 1: Create a new tweet

 Step 2 : Add your tweet subject and click on the camera icon
 Step 3: Select file
 Step 4: Click on the tweet button
 Check your tweet by expanding it