Monday, November 5, 2012

How to check trending topics on twitter ?

A very short post for twitter users on how to check the trending topics on twitter quickly, The reason for this post is to give information to those who is still unable to know what is trending topics and how they can check the trend worldwide or in their country. 

As we all know that trends are those which is the most discussed topic on twitter. In other words it is called as trending topics. Trending topics contain 10 topics list. Many people involve in the communication of trending topics, and you can check trending topics from these easy steps. 

Steps to check trending topics :

1. You need to login from your twitter account.

2. On the right hand side you will find 10 topics some with #HashTags - stating Trending topics worldwide

3. You can click change for selecting a particular country or a city, and to check trending topics

I hope the above steps will help you to change trending topics to your city or country.

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  1. Valuable info, especially for those still struggling to use Twitter correctly. Simple, but effective.