Friday, December 28, 2012

Tony Grieg Dead

Another sad news trending on twitter is about the death of Channel Nine commentator Tony Greig who died at the age of 66. He was Former England Cricket Captain and played a senior role in Kerry Packer's
World Series Cricket revolutions.

In the month of October he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Greig died at his home on Saturday morning due to heart Attack

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jupiter and the moon aligned together - Images

Here we go with the rare images of Jupiter and Moon aligned together - Yesterday i saw moon from my house and found that how come there is a star too closer to Moon, and finally found that it was Jupiter which is quite nearer to moon.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - end of the world confessions

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions - End of the world confessions is trending on twitter since today is 21.12.2012 which as per Mayan calendar will be the end of the world. I felt this topic will interest you to understand the confession which people are making thinking the world will end today.

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions i wasn't even gonna come this year cba - Santa Claus

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I eat vegetarians!

#endoftheworldconfessions mom, remember all those times I said I was staying after school. Yeah I was smoking weed

#endoftheworldconfessions "i hooked up with shane omen in the projection room above the auditorium." #meangirls

The beef from the 80's is underneath the couch. That's WHERE the beef is. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions

#endoftheworldconfessions I used to look at peoples feet when I played heads up seven up.. Still feel a bit guilty about it

#endoftheworldconfessions it wasn't shaggy, it was me.

#endoftheworldconfessions ..I let the dogs out

#endoftheworldconfessions Sometimes i like to fill trash bags full of jello,crawl inside and pretend im an unborn fetus

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked tonight. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I am straight and I have seen all you girls changing #success

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I'm gay

#endoftheworldconfessions I put Vaseline all over my body sometimes and pretend I'm a slug... Lol

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions I over think about the smallest things and let it ruin my mood.

#endoftheworldconfessions I once ate 15 packs of gushers in one night..... And I would have eaten more if I didn't run out.

#endoftheworldconfessions I'm sleeping naked. I came into this world naked and that's how I'm going out.

Monday, December 17, 2012

#2012TaughtMe - 2012 Taught Me

#2012TaughtMe or 2012 Taught me 

After a long time covering some trending topics on social media website #2012TaughtMe yes this is dedicated to the year 2012 which soon be going out from our lives. Let see what is the reaction of the people on this trend. 

#2012taughtme to not trust nobody

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but you learn something in Life.

#2012taughtme there's always a reason when something happened. Maybe it is not beneficial in the near future but for the long run.

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye to one you love the most is the hardest thing ever!

#2012taughtme stay away from boybands unless u want your soul taken from u ?

#2012taughtme that im surrounded by amazing friends only i didn't realized it, thanks guys for making this year such a memorable memories.

#2012taughtme that you're fat.

#2012taughtme that no matter how many years go by, people are always going to be just as fake

#2012taughtme im not who i thought i was

#2012taughtme people are going to come and go, but its an experience you will enjoy..

#2012taughtme food will always be there for me when friends are not.

Stfu with your #2012taughtme already lol

#2012taughtme that high school was a joke and that college is badass

#2012taughtme that life goes on, and that taking things day by day is the best decision. Just let it happen, live with no worries.

#2012taughtme how to twerk

#2012taughtme Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever..

#2012taughtme I love drinking

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ways to collect Social Media Data

How to Collect Social Media Data

Data is one of the most important part of the business as it allows you to get hold of your customers, suppliers or any others people who can add advantage to your business. Data adds value to different business aspects specially Marketing as it allows you to generate leads and brand loyalty.

Today we will learn what are the ways to collect social media Data

There are many social networking sites from where you can collect the data but maintaining a quality data which is meaningful to add value is little difficult task you can collect data from the following sources :

Social Media Connections :

You might have various social media sites account where you are communicating with your client some of them are Twitter followers, Facebook Likers, connections on LinkedIn and others. You can keep them safe and also note that to keep the quality of followers and people to your social media account. You may have millions of followers but if they don't qualify to add quality to your business then they are of no use.

User Engagement : To collect social media data is to understand if your followers are really liking your activity, This can be further segregated via number of likes, comments, shares etc.

Youtube : Another way to collect social media data is to check the pageviews on the videos you have posted since this will allow you to take corrective measure if your videos are not watched or not liked by the users. It also depend on the subscribers you have for youtube.

People Speaking : You can search on twitter regarding the keyword your organization use for the products and services and via twitter or facebook search you can found how many people are talking about the similar product. This is another effective way to generate leads and collect social media data.

Click through Rate : To know about or tracking number of clicks your link got is another way to know the success and collecting data - this can be done specially when you post short links via bitly.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trending Topics Today - Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends - Worldwide (Contributed from Twitter Trending topics)

Surrender - The Collective
New Zealand

Social Media Trends - Australia 

Surrender - The Collective
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds of Summer

Social Media Trends -  India

Anand Sharma
New Zealand
Eden Gardens

Social Media Trends - Germany 

Europa League

Social Media Trends - United States


Social Media Trends - Russia 

Сенат США

Social Media Trends - Italy 

Kidrauhl You Are Our Grammy

Social Media Trends - United Kingdom


Social Media Trends - United Arab Emirates 


Monday, December 3, 2012

How Social Media helps in connecting employees

We discuss on this blog that social media plays very important role in different aspect of your business activity. Another post where we will cover ways you can connect your employees through social media. Social media not only helps business but also incorporation of employees. For Eg :  I feel proud when my boss accept my request and comment on my Facebook post - I really feel that they truly read my posting and either accept or correct it. Similarly when various employees join a social networking sites the communication and incorporation between them increase.

My personal experience is that in my company there are more than 100 employees, I may not be interacting with all of them but if i have a connection on social media site if I feel connected with them. Henceforth Creating company group where employees can interact or communicate is one of the best activity to make them as a team.

3 Social Media Sites which can help in connecting employees: 

1. Facebook: 

That was for sure since it is the second ranking website (result may vary) but yes you can create a company fan page or a group where you can interact with your employees on new issues, news or simply their recommendations  I have seen many companies use Motivational quotes on their facebook group page which is another good activity you can carry.

2. LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is considered as one of the best social website to connect professionals. On LinkedIn you can create a company page and cultivate different activities. Another advantage of having LinkedIn is that you can even connect with your clients which will increase the brand loyalty.

3. Google:

Another way of getting connected with your employees is using google hangouts specifically for those who are working onsite or travelling.

Other ways where you can get connected with employees via social media 

Twitter - Employees can follow company twitter account and can retweet tweets to create greater effects.
Pinterest - On Pinterest you can create a board for employees which engage everyone for decision making

What other social media you feel would be better interacting with employees - Comment 

How Social Media Helps in Job Recruitment

How you can use Social media for recruiting ? 

Social media is playing one of the most important role in communicating various message to various people around the world. So the question is how social media helps in recruiting correct people for your company ? As recruiting perfect people for your organization is relatively a challenging task.

Old Techniques of Recruitment :

Previously companies used to recruits people via advertising in traditional media such as newspaper, database recruitment, job portals or finally hiring professional recruiters. But today companies are using social media networking since it allows you to get right candidate at a right time.

Social Media : 

Three best social media networking sites - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn where every person at-least has their account and spend few minutes or may be few hours to check what is actually happening in their network, henceforth considered as the best targeted sites. There may be many more sites which people are using but the above are considered as the major one to target. Everyday people share knowledge, pictures, ideas and opinions on these websites.

How Recruitment Activities are done from Social Media : 

Major social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which almost consists of more than 500+ million user active everyday are considered as one of the best source towards hiring people. A research from my company HR who suggested that LinkedIn is considered as the best source of recruiting correct people. More than 60% of method our company HR use towards recruitment is through LinkedIn as it is site which is specifically created for professionals and it allows HR to check all the past histories of the work an employee has done. The process depend upon User to user but the base is that LinkedIn allows you to create a detail page and send emails whenever a new job is posted to the users which are interested in that category.

Apart from that companies can also make use of the Facebook Page to announce about new recruitment and through sharing people who are interested can apply for the job. All over the world many companies are using LinkedIn majorly for recruitment purposes since it is one of the leading professionalism social media site and companies get right kind of candidates upon LinkedIn.

Henceforth there are other traditional method which is still alive for recruitment but Social media is booming since it gives opportunities for both to the recruiter to select best candidate and to job hunters for getting great opportunities in the market.

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn

Top 7 Advantages of using LinkedIn | How to Social Networking with Linkedin | 

Today we will discuss about advantages of using LinkedIn which is one of the largest professional networking site with more than 170+ million users. LinkedIn started in the year 2003 and it is basically used for professional networking. The main USP of LinkedIn is its target audience is professionals and not like twitter or Facebook generic users. People who register to LinkedIn talks business.

We even covered in our previous blog posting that LinkedIn is one of the website where your business presence is important to improvise your social media networking.

Professional Connections : One of the main advantages of using LinkedIn is getting connected with Professionals who are in the similar industry. By connecting with professionals you build a very serious network of people where you can release news and other important aspect of your business.

Opinions : Another advantage of using LinkedIn is the opinion which comes from various professionals. Yes they are not only opinions but they are experienced opinions which helps you to take corrective decisions for your career or for your business.

Discussions : With LinkedIn you do discussion to the point and you get answers for what actually you might be searching for. There are Question and Answer section where you can ask question related to a topic.

Job Seeking : Every day you will find job postings where companies are hiring people may be in your category. This way you get detailed information about the companies working and it also allows you to get right job for yourself.

New Clients : You can search for new clients, opportunities and business on social media by connecting with people. There are many companies who do advertisements on LinkedIn since the scope of getting intouch with the decision makers on the site is higher comparing other way of online advertisement. Apart from that you also get connected with your old customers who can remember you and may provide new references.

Old Connections : Getting connected with your old college friends or old customers is another advantage, you always get news about their whereabouts.

Increase Social Networking : Using LinkedIn helps you increasing your social networking with various people across the globe. You can start your own company page where other news or announcement can be posted.

There are many other advantages of using LinkedIn both for professionals and for businesses. Do share on what advantages you got while using LinkedIn - Comment

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Companies are using Social Media ?

What Importance Social Media provides to Companies ?  | Why Social Media for Business? | Top 8 Advantages of using Social Media for your Business

That is one of the first question which any company ask that what importance social media provides, If you are unaware or still not using social media for your business then you are doing biggest mistake. since as per my experience when i ask to any customer that you should start social media - they say that why it is require, our concentration is more on traditional media. But the days has gone since social media is emerging at a rapid rate and people are more believing on social sites even comparing their friends feed back for purchasing certain products.

Top 8 advantages where social media help your business

After researching and working on social media from past 4 years following are the areas where it can groom your business.

1. Branding : One of the best advantage of social media is branding. Branding with low cost, which means you don't have to do heavy budgeting also for branding your products. Like on twitter or facebook page, you can get your target audience who will be interested in purchasing your products and services.

2. Customers Interaction :  As discussed in my previous post that Social media remove barriers when used for customer interaction. You can directly pitch for a product or about your services if you find a prospect who are looking out for something where you can help

3. Feedback to improvise: Social Media sites such as forums allows you to have a proper feedback from your customer and help to improvise your services.

4. Customer Relationship Management : Another way where social media helps you in Customer relationship management where you can support your customer by taking their online queries and resolving them quickly.

5. Marketing : With social media you can do Marketing of your products on various free classified website or on google adwords. Social media helps you in create your powerful online presence across the globe if required

6. Increase Sales : As discussed in the above para social media helps you in generating sales leads from various channels. Apart from that the sales which happens via social media is quick because i have seen that customer prepare their mind on what to purchase so it reduce the sales cycle timing.

7. News announcement : Social media helps you in News announcement or Press releases to your customers. There are many website which offers you free press release services also.

8. Competition : Getting information about your competition is little difficult but if you are on social media sites such as twitter or Linkedin social media helps you in understanding what your competition is doing and you can take necessary actions.

There are many other advantages of social media marketing, If you feel you have a case where social media has made difference in your business do share with us. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to drive Traffic from Twitter Account

How To attract your Twitter followers to your website | How to get traffic to your website ?

Have you landed up on this blog post from Twitter ? Then I have increased my traffic by one visitor. . . (Live Example ) In this post which is again on social media and Search engine optimization we will speak on how you can increase your website traffic with the help of twitter account. But before starting you should note that twitter should not be the only traffic source henceforth you need to concentrate on other areas also such as link building, Content writing and other to build more traffic to your website.

My personal experience 

If you see this current blog there is around 55,000 page views which i got from various other activities from past 4 months out of which there are 30% of traffic has been drive from twitter itself. I will share my experiences in the tips section

Here we go with some of the Tips where you can increase the traffic from twitter :

  • Include a tweet button : Once you have created your twitter account you can convert your followers into your traffic and may be into your website subscribers which will help you in Long term. One of the first tip is to include a tweet button in your blog which allows you to tweet your article or blog post quickly. Apart from that it also allows other user to tweet it from there account which will drive the traffic to your website. 
  • Include a link in your Twitter bio : This is the simplest mistake people do of not including the website link into the twitter bio - "I personally gets more than 50 clicks on my blog for that link which i have posted in my twitter bio. so do remember to note that since it is vital. 
  • Include link while tweeting : This is sometime spammy if you put links in every tweet, but out of 10 tweets you can put link of your website in 4 post which will further increase the traffic from twitter to your website - do use the #HashTags while tweeting since it allows users for an easy search. 
  • Retweet : Retweet those people who are tweeting about your blog posting this will increase the value and they may tweet next time also. Retweet helps in keeping the topic on top when someone search. "One of my well-wisher tweeted about my blog posting on #SocialMedia and he got 17 retweets, that tweet was on top for 4 days while searching for #SocialMedia. I got around 800 clicks for that post."
  • Using HashTags : As said in the above post that on twitter people mostly search via hashtags # therefore implement the hash tags in your post to increase the power of your tweets. 
If you have more tips which you can share on how to drive traffic from twitter do share in the comment box

Social Media for Customer Support

How social media can help you in Customer Service!

This time another post on Social Media but from a different point of view – Sales & Marketing people this post is for you that how you can help your customers via social media. As discussed previously that Social Media is growing everyday both in communication and in number of users. Daily there are people who are talking about products and services offered by different company on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or simply related Forums. Customers are even giving review of the products or complaints about the features or services. 

I personally feel before buying any product to research on social networking website about their review so that I may not end up buying bad product. As we all know customer is one of the most important part of any organization they are the actually revenue generator for the growth of your business. Today we will learn how social media can help you in managing your customer service and support.

Advantages of using Social Media for Customer Support: 

Quick Response : Social media sites such as forums or simply the facebook fan page allows your customer to post their queries, the first duty lies here is to respond them quickly which can increase the Customer satisfaction. 

Co – ordination: social media allows you to have a proper co-ordination with your support team. Apart from that there are other users also who help in case there are some issues customer is facing with the product. 

Support: With social Media channels you can quickly communicate with your clients and support them timely. Therefore they talk to you as if they are talking in front of you, which help in reducing the customer queries. 

Pre Purchase Review: Social media helps in providing proper reviews of the products which customer would like to purchase therefore this minimize the complaints also since they already experience the product from other people.

Better than other communication tools: Days are going where email or telephone was the primary source of getting support for the queries, since they were time consuming. There fore social media is now getting more and more powerful in customer relationship management. 

Therefore you can use social media for supporting your customers and their queries, Create facebook pages, or twitter account which will boost the experience of buying from your organization

10 Dangerous Texts which can end relationship

10 worst text which can end your relationships

A very short post on 10 dangerous text messages or replies which can end your relationship with your loved ones 

1. Yeah 
2. Yup 
3. Oh 
4. Lol 
5. Haha 
6. K 
7. Nope 
8. Chillin 
9. Naw 
10. Send me a pic

these 10 text messages or replies looks like you are not caring much about your partner and it may reduce the faith and respect. So a Big No to use them. . .Care them . . Respect them and Love them

If you have any other 10 worst text do comment 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to use Twitter Effectively for Social Networking

10 Effective Tips on using Twitter for Social Networking

We already covered many topics on using twitter the terminologies and other methods to enhance your social networking presence with twitter. This time I thought of writing effective tips where you can use your Twitter account to create powerful presence for social networking. 

What you did so far with your twitter account ?
  1. You created your logins
  2. Username
  3. Information about yourself
  4. A superb picture removing the egg avatar and 
  5. Following some people which interest you. 
  6. And start tweeting 
The above are just the basic step which any one do while starting with twitter, but in the above method you may not be using twitter effectively or I would say there would be more steps which you are not exploring. Let's cover the points where you can make effective use of your twitter account. 

1. Proper user name : If you are using twitter for your personal use I suggest you to have a proper twitter name where your friends or colleagues can find you easily. For business purpose the Twitter account should be used as the brand name you are using for other social networking website. Lots of twitter user make mistakes by using funky names, which makes you are a non serious twitter user. 

2. Removing egg Avatar : Egg avatar is little dangerous since again it shows that you are still an egg of twitter henceforth remove the egg avatar with good image or your company logo. This helps in getting brand recognition and people will remember you - We have already covered a topic on when to change your profile pictures

3. Write a complete Bio : Bio is important since they are the keywords which help user in finding you. Do put your company link by shortening the url this help in getting traffic also to your website. 

4. Check correct people to follow : Here is the first part where you started with social networking the above 3 points were related to social media. Henceforth check out the twitter directory of people and understand to whom you would like to follow. People may be in same business or of similar country. Check out our article on How to search people on twitter | How to build quality followers on twitter

5. Who you are : Start tweeting and create brand with your tweets people should remember you with your profile pic and with your tweets that who you are. 

6. Followers/Following Ratio : This is again important part to make your twitter account effective. Many newbies do this mistake of keeping their following ratio high as compare to their followers. Only follow those who interest you. If your following ratio is high then it might not create powerful image of your twitter account. 

7. Communicate : You'r views are very important to people whom you are following or who are following you on twitter. If you have difference of opinion then communicate and clear it. Get engage with your followers so that they start taking your views on certain topics

8. Retweets & Favorite : One of the best gesture you can give to tweets is retweeting or favoriting the tweet. This will increase the confidence of people in you. I have seen people who retweet my tweets and I love them more as compare to people who are just following me. 

9. Use Photos : Photos speak louder than written words, while tweeting you can use photos for greater effects. If you send those written monotonous tweets every time then the interest may go down. Henceforth use pictures in tweets whenever required. Article on How to post images on twitter quickly

10. Networking : The Final point is networking for which twitter is created. Introduce yourself to people share contacts or share references they might be interested in. Networking in twitter is quite micro activity but in return it pay you. 

So from the above 10 points I conclude that you can excel on twitter and can effectively use twitter for your social networking purpose. Happy Tweeting!

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What is difference between Social Media and Social Networking

Social media vs. Social networking

Social media Social networking or social media networking they all sound similar but there are some of the differences. You may find that that even some people use the term called as social media marketing, which is again little broader in actual.

Read this simple story : 

You created Twitter account or Facebook account you started adding people in your group as per your preference. Some of them started following you back or some of them accepted your friend request. 

Then after a good number of connections with people you started posting messages and no one giving any gestures like a follow or a comment on your post, and then you realize that you created "social media" presence by adding people to your group but there is not networking or 2 way communication happening which is also called as "Social networking"

So you started getting engage with people reading their views and start interacting - That's was the day when you realize that you got how to build relationship by networking with others. 

I hope with the above story, you understood the difference between Social Media vs. Social networking. Now let's cover some more details which can differentiate Social Media with Social Networking.

  • In social media the communication is one way - you created followers or friends that's all but in social networking the communication works both ways you have to engage people sometime with pull strategy - putting some good message and sometime with push strategy - communicating and giving your reviews on their post or photos or messages. 

  • Social media represent channel of communication like what you choose to build your social media presence say for example :  - You may find twitter is better for you or may be creating YouTube videos or may be Facebook. Whereas in Social networking you build relationship by getting engage in the communication.

  • With Social media you say to people "I am here" and with social networking you say "I am here show me some Actions & thoughts" Therefore social media create a presence whereas social networking leverage and put your social media onto next level of communication. 

  • Social networking compare to social media act as a communication platform with people that you choose. 

Both Social Media and Social networking are two different terminologies having separate concepts. They both are used accordingly as per the business strategy 

How to create great tweets

How best and great tweets are created 

That question was always in my mind whenever i used to tweet. There are four parameters which create great and good tweets. We already covered various topics on twitter using some of them were how many characters you must use, best time to tweet and so on

What do you think before creating a tweet

How many people will read my tweet?
How many retweets i will get ? 
How many people will engage in this communication ?
How many favorites ? and so on . .

So the answers to create great tweets lies in your questions. Remember first the number of people who will read your tweet is important they should be first engage to read your tweets therefore whenever you are creating tweets try to create something special think about a common man about your followers. Don't write what you want. some of the trick to create a great tweets are use famous quotes, ask for help, write tweets related to trending topics, or either create tweets which interests your followers. In my case blogging tips or social media networking news.

Great tweets are retweeted and Favorited by the followers and that may create trending topics on twitter. Remember to be a good user on twitter it does not depend on the number of followers you have. What matters is the target audience and the seriousness of your followers who will read and leave a special gesture interms of retweet or interaction.

Comment your valuable views and Happy tweeting

Top 10 Social Media Networking websites

Top 10 Social Media Networking websites for a Business

There are many social media networking websites where you can jump in and create accounts for your personal use or either for your business news - Remember that social media networking is not all about few websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many social media website out there which can build and increase your social media presence. Today we will be covering Top 10 Social Media Networking websites where your business page should be there. Why not personal since a single person may not be able to handle all those 10 accounts every day. Henceforth the more concentration is on business pages. 

As said that there are many more website out there to connect with people on social media networking and enhance your social presence with your clients. We are concentrating the first 10 which you should use. Here we go with the list 

Facebook - Do i need to explain more on this

Twitter - Many companies ignore twitter but it is one of the fastest growing social media website where you will find almost everyone. To be frank i use less Facebook than twitter (Addiction)

Google+ - I still remember when I asked a question on LinkedIn "The biggest mistake of 2011 in Social media marketing" and many said that not considering Google+ as a part. Yes they really mean that statement. Since the advantage people were getting was that their post were fetched up by Google Alerts also

- Videos speak and show - A business should create a youtube channel on youtube to show up new things they have for their customer. Apart from this it also help customer when something needed to be learn for a product.

Weibo - Weibo is a mini blogging services which is currently used in China, It allows you to have social chatting and sharing with people.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn helps you to keep professionals into your group, apart from this it helps you in announcing company news. You can give answers to people queries and post news related to your company. Many Human Resource manager use LinkedIn to find professionals.

Flickr - Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website which was acquired by Yahoo in the year 2005. You can embed photos and is used mostly by bloggers to host images.

Instagram - 100 million users - Don't you think that a huge audience, for sharing photos with other Instagram users. Apart from this you can even apply digital filter, and there are many other users from other social media networking website who are connected to Instagram.

SoundCloud - Again SoundCloud is growing and is one of the online audio distribution platform which helps in proper promotion, collaboration and distribution of Audio recordings.

Pinterest - A Pinboard style photo sharing website that allows you to create theme base image collection.

Try them all or one at a time - create a presence with followers and see the result - further you can take decision on which to concentrate more. The biggest advantage of having all these accounts is simple you increase your social media presence even when someone search your company on google, they will find your presence on so many social websites.

Comment if you have more to contribute 


Top Reasons to use Social Media for your Business - Part 2 

As discussed in our previous blog posting that social media allows your business with a boost and increasing brand awareness let's continue the session by keeping some examples on the changes which Internet did from past few years. Internet is one of the most basic needs of human life apart from food clothing and shelter. Humans are connected via internet and social media even devices like mobile phones offer high internet connectivity to do the online activities. Comment and tell me the fact how many of you reading this purchase Newspaper Seriously ? Especially in USA Australia and other developed nations people are completely connected with social media every day and every hour.

let see few more point where social media plays and important role in your media marketing activities :
  • Social media marketing helps you in generating leads for your business from google adwords and touch the prospect customers within a country and around the globe
  • Social media marketing helps your business to interact with your customer properly and to keep in touch for new offers. It also allows you the get your customer feedback to improvise.
  • Social media allows you to see trends in your business and help to change it accordingly. 
  • Social media marketing helps you to be in real time communication with people.
  • As we discuss that social media is broad you can target various social media activities such as videos, forums, blogging, press releases and much more to communicate with your clients in different manner.
Apart from the above social media is considered as cheapest way of media marketing activity where the investment is very low with greater returns.

Read the first part of this blog



Top Reasons to use Social Media for your Business 

Social Media marketing or social media networking these terms are becoming very common today and every business is using them to gain some competitive advantage. Social media Marketing or Networking for your business sounds like a small term or a part of media marketing but actually it is too broad because of the number of activities social media marketing has.

How Social Media Marketing helps your business ? 

This is the first important question any businessman ask before starting social media networking or social media marketing. The important lies in the the word "change". Did you remember those days where people use to do advertisement in newspaper to build brand for their product, the use of media was more traditional like using television to convey the message. Today many I would say all are skew towards using internet . . people research on internet before buying any product even for preparing food they search those YouTube videos which can help in perfection. specially youth at a very low age they are exposed to media and that too social media. 

Social media Marketing consist of various activities such as blogging, keeping touch with your customers online, Press releases etc. Social media in recent years have touched the human mind and their consciousness with online conversation and material. 

The Globe is changing

I hope you understand that why the world is changing from traditional media to a social media connected globe. Lets discuss the reasons why it is important for your business to enhance the presence and brand via social media marketing and networking. We will cover few points in this blog and other important point in part 2 

  • Social media Makes huge difference in your business since there are people who research online before actually buying products from the virtual store
  • Social Media allows your business to create brand awareness on Internet
  • It increase your Sales and Business Growth.
  • Social Media allows you to keep control of your Business Marketing Activities.
  • Internet research is today considered as a final trust - with social media activities you can build trust in the mind of your customers.
  • Go Global - Social media marketing allows you to go global and touches customers beyond your country.

We will be covering some more points on the importance of social media for your business - 2 in our next blog . . Stay reading. If you have more advantages on using social media for your business do comment and contribute your valuable experiences.

Read the second part of this blog


Friday, November 23, 2012

Disturb twitter timelines with this emoticons

Ok. . . so there are ways to disturb the twitter timeline. . . It simply by tweeting tweeting & tweeting continuously. The below icon which i kept seem best to create a line between tweets, The advantage of this is either you will get Retweet on this, or a Favorite and you might get noticed in your timeline.

Remember - This may be harmful also as you may find people will unfollow you if they see you are creating loads of disturbance by tweeting this. So one time tweets is ok rather tweeting the below tweet again and again.

Also you can put this message on facebook or any other social media networking sites. Just copy and paste the below code. Note : This emoticons is already 140 characters long

ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้  - To disturb your twitter timeline

How it looks on when you put this emoticon in your tweet

Trending topics in United States

What is Trending in United States ? 

Another list of Trending topics of twitter in the country United States

Top Gun
This Christmas
Small Business Saturday

Where as Google + trending topics are 

Cape Town
Breaking Dawn

#BlackFriday is most trended topic not only on two different social media networking sites but also in various countries #BlackFriday is trending since yesterday on twitter and on Google+

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What is trending topics of Australia

Why #AFLDraft is trending topic : @AFL posted a message on twitter which got more than 40 Retweets and trending on Top of australia Twitter Trends the tweets was

Adelaide has relinquished its first two picks in the NAB #AFLDraft as a gesture of goodwill towards resolving Tippett matter. 

#WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars : Top tweet on the above topic #WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars was done by Justin Hamilton which got retweets more than 25 times and 20 times favorite

@Wil_Anderson Whatever Bono was still looking for. #WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars

#agtalks : Top tweet related to #agtalks was done by ABC rural 

 "We don't care where their food comes from, as long as it's cheap and looks good" Is it true? Listen live #agtalks 7pm 

#JanoskiansDoAwkwardPoolSituations : Lala brooks tweeted on the above trend which again top tweets for the above trend

#janoskiansdoawkwardpoolsituations #TeensReactToJanoskians any would do seriously RT


This is actually a promoted trend but again Damn it's True got more than 2000 retweets on the below tweet, One retweets from us since this tweet is crafted very well

#WhatAreYouThankfulFor my family, my friends, and everything I have in my life. Thanks mom and dad for everything you've done for me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 5 tweets of United States - Trends

US - United States Twitter trending topics which we covered in our last blog post. Here we go with the top 5 tweets on the trends

#NameAWeakness :

#NameAWeakness Seeing my mother cry.

#nameaweakness - Chrisevans1221

#nameaweakness boys who play basketball

#nameaweakness Vampires who play baseball

#NameAWeakness When guys drive with their left hand on top of the wheel and right elbow on the console. You know what I'm talking about.


#ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey - She got a big Turkey, so I call her big Turkey.

#ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey never say turkey

#replacesongtitleswithturkey makin my way downtown, walking fast, turkeys pass and I'm home bound

#replacesongtitleswithturkey these turkeys can't hold me back these turkeys can't hold me back these turkeys can't hold me back

#replacesongtitleswithturkey Look me in my face, I ain't got no turkeys.


#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde cellphones were stupid and people were smart. Good times!

'Lets return to the times when we...' “@HaleyBrooke_XO: #VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde T'F does this say???”

#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde idk what this means lol

#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde yo era hija únicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

#volvamosalostiemposendonde las cosas se decían de frente, no por redes sociales


USA - Twittter Trending Topics

Twitter trending topics in USA 

This time I tried to cover some of the most trending topics on twitter today in USA. Note as I always said that whenever you want to make more out of your tweets do follow the trends in your country and tweet them as it allows you to get more followers, retweets and yes it allows your thoughts which plays an important role.

Happy tweeting and yes of course - Happy thanksgiving

Jason Thompson
Amish Mafia
Raúl Jiménez
Maui Invitational

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heavy trending Topics on Indian Twitter trends

#Kasab death camed out with heavy trends on twitter India

Today twitter Indian trends are heavily trending with very famous topics since the much awaited news of #Kasab Execution camed out today in various news media

Nearly after 4 years Ajmal Kasab the only single surviving Pakistani gunman who was involved in Mumbai attacks which held in November 26th 2008 was hanged till death at Yerwada central prison today morning. this is considered as one of the top secret operation where the execution happened. Kasab was buried inside the premises of Pune Yerwada Central jail after he was hanged - said by Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj chavan

Ajmal kasab was hanged at 7:30 am in the morning. Twitter trending topics on Indian trends is mostly related to this news. 

India Trends 

Afzal Guru
Ujjwal Nikam
Sushilkumar Shinde
President Pranab Mukherjee

Monday, November 19, 2012


Here we go with another trending topic on twitter today worldwide which is trending from past 10 hours - #SongsThatMakeMeCry or Songs that make me cry. Following are the tweeples reaction on the trend songs that can make me or your cry

 "Little Things" By One Direction #SongsThatMakeMeCry

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Gangnam Style... it's just SO emotional :'(

Mocking Bird - Eminem #SongsThatMakeMeCry

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Almost every song by Mayday Parade.

#SongsThatMakeMeCry The Fray - How to save a life

#SongsThatMakeMeCry: PSY - Gangnam Style. It's just THAT annoying.

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Don't Go - Bring Me The Horizon

#SongsThatMakeMeCry the sugar plum solo

#songsthatmakemecry enrique iglesias - hero

#SongsThatMakeMeCry nickelback rockstar with lyrics

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Second & Sebring - Of Mice & Men

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Imagine- John Lennon

#SongsThatMakeMeCry wake me up when september ends - green day

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Gangnam Style.. those lyrics just touch my heart://

#SongsThatMakeMeCry little things :')

#SongsThatMakeMeCry I can only imagine -mercyme

#SongsThatMakeMeCry Therapy - All Time Low

from the above we can see Little things lead the tweets here before this little things trended on twitter which we covered in our previous trending topics


#WhenIWasACarrot or simply When I was a carrot trending on twitter let see the top 5 tweets related to this trend

#WhenIWasACarrot the 1D fandom didn't have so much drama. and we all got along

#wheniwasacarrot i used to say '' amazayn '' i cant even can i punch myself

#WhenIwasaCarrot " The boys are amazayn, fabulouis, briliam, extrardinharryyy, phenomeniall. I'm so proud :')

#WhenIWasACarrot the boys, Louis in particular seemed so much happier.

#WhenIWasACarrot i spent my weeks rewatching that weeks video diary.

Actor Pran Hospitalised with Respiratory problem

Legandary Actor/Villian Pran Hospitalised because of Respiratory 

Another Little Sad news trending on twitter after RIP Balasaheb, Famous legenadary Actor of bollywood  Pran Hospitalized on Friday beasaue of respiratory issue Problem, Pran has been admitted to Famous Bandra Lilavati Hospital. Although Dr Sudhir Dagaokar said that He is doing fine and Nothing to worry. 

Pran is currently 92 years old and has performed various roles in Bollywood movies, He is considered as one of the most popular villains and have performed in more than 350 movies till date. Some of the famous movies are Don, Zanjeer, Upkar, Purab au Paschim, and so on... In the year 2010 Pran was named as one of the 25 Asian actors of all time, He also awarded with Lifetime Achievement award in 1998 and honored with Padma Bhushan from the Government of India towards the contribution for Indian cinema. He was considered as one of the finest villians of Indian cinema - The fact is Parents stopped naming their children as Pran because of the villainous image

We hope Actor Pran should be alright and get well soon.

List of last 10 movies of Pran & Pictures

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A very Rare Picture of Balasaheb Thackeray

A very Rare Picture of Balasaheb Thackeray 

Bal Thackeray supremo of Shiv Sena dead

Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena supremo passes

Breaking news of today - Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray who was in news from past week passed away today at 3: 30 pm as announced by the doctor.

On twitter topics such as "Sainiks" "Matoshree" trended atleast for 3 days starting this Tuesday. Previous reports of the doctors was that Bal Thackeray was recovering

More about Bal Thackeray:

Bal Thackeray original name was Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray born on 23 January 1926 and died today 17 November 2012 at the age of 86 was one of the famous Indian Politician and founder of Shiv Sena - A right wing Hinu Nationalist and Marathi ethnocentric party.

Balasaheb thackeray started his professional career as cartoonist with English daily - The Free Press Journal in Mumbai but left in the year 1960 to start and form his own political weekly Marmik.  Thackeray is also a founder of Marathi language newspaper Saamana.

On twitter RIP Bal Thackeray is started trending and tweeples started talking about the news, Around 20 tweets per 30 second recorded*

On  Mumbai streets :  Shops are getting closed due to the sad demise

One of the tweet related to Cremation :  Bal Thackeray dies: Cremation will be tomorrow, says Bharat Kumar Raut (Shiv Sena MP)”

 RIP Bal Thackeray. We've lost a great leader today. We are grateful to have witnessed such a powerful personality. Respect.

#RIP Bal Thackeray. You ensured #Mumbai was habitable, for that you will be missed.

Another trended topic related to the above news is RIP Balasaheb

Related Topic :


#BanTheQuestion - List of questions which should be Ban

List of question which should be ban 

#BanTheQuestion is trending on twitter Indian trends since yesterday. The explanation on this trend is in the topic itself that question which should be ban. There are many questions which people hate when asked. Here we go with the list of question which people think should be banned. 

Beta tum to Engineer ho, humara pankha theek kar doge? #BanTheQuestion

Ma'am, we don't have Coke. Will Pepsi do? #BanTheQuestion

Whatever Arnab Goswami wants to know. #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion If Billi = Cat then What shud be the English name of Billa or Billu ??

Bada hoke kya banoge??? Doctor ya Engineer?? #BanTheQuestion

"What do you have to say on Hyderabad violence?" #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion 'Cheteshwar Pujara vs. Rahul Dravid'!

#BanTheQuestion: Parents asking, what marks did u get?! ... Instead ask, what did u learn?! So, students study4knowledge, not4marks.. #YES!+

Are you in love with me? #banthequestion

How are you? #banthequestion because everyone lie even if not fine :p

You need to restart your computer to complete the installation. Would you like to restart now? 

'When are you getting married?' For me personally ... #Banthequestion

When organisations call people for a job interview and ask THEM: so, why us? #banthequestion

Who is Shirish kunder's Husband ? #BanTheQuestion

Will Salman Khan ever have Kids ?? #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion "Whatz your age ?" for women and "Whatz your salary?" for men !

Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser? #BanTheQuestion

Friday, November 16, 2012

#GetPIXed Contest

Another contest running on Indian trends today #GetPIXed 

After a long time on twitter Indian trends today #GetPIXed which is a contest by PIX Television ‏@PixTV. PIX Television ‏@PixTV #GetPIXed contest where there is a chance to win PIXTV goodie bag by answering some of the questions related to Holly wood movies 

  • Go go @PIXTV and click follow
  • You can submit as many entries you want which will make you better
  • You have to guess the name of all the Hollywood movies 
  • All the tweets should have #GetPIXed as a hash tag for eligibility 
  • Winners will be chosen at random 

Before #GetPIXed contest kicks off at 12.30, please have a lo... on Twitpic

#littlethingsnumber1 - Little Things - One Direction

#littlethingsnumber1 Why this is trending ? 

#littlethingsnumber1 is another trending topic on twitter which is on the top position of the worldwide trends.

The first tweets was written by 1D Updates ‏@WW1DUpdates which got around 400 retweets

#LittleThingsNumber1 Trend it :)

That's called the power of directioner - The trend is on number one position since it is a new song which got released on November 13th in USA and Canada and taken from the brand new album - Take me Home

Music video by One Direction performing Little Things. You can check this song from this youtube link 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#ASOT600 - Trending topic

#ASOT600 is trending on Indian twitter Trends ? 

#ASOT600 is another trending topic of twitter in India. Lets see what the trend is all about on this Social media website. When opened i got this below tweet by Armin Van Buuren which retweeted more than 250 times

  • Armin van Buuren ‏@arminvanbuuren

This week #ASOT 587 Music by @HeatBeatMusic @WandWMusic @Airbase @DJLange Plus which city will be added to the #ASOT600 tour? #TranceFamily

  • Trance Network ‏@Trance_Network tweeted that 

Congrats India! @arminvanbuuren is taking #ASOT600 The Expedition Tour to Mumbai!!!

Apart from this Indians and others are congratulating Trance family for their tour to India since the team confirm the tour in Mumbai.

Armin van Buuren announced eight cities that the ASOT600 celebrations will be held in. There are more cities which may get added to the list.

Tentative Schedule Dates of #ASOT600

  • Mexico city  - 16th February 2013
  • San Paulo   - 1st March 2013
  • Minsk   - 7th March 2013
  • Beirut   - 9th March 2013
  • Kuala Lampur   - 15th March 2013
  • Mumbai   - 16th March 2013
  • Miami   - 24th March 2013
  • Guatemala city   - 27th March 2013
  • New York   - 30th March 2013
  • Den Bosch   - 6th April 2013

Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 - Explained

Why Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is trending on twitter ?

That's the Exact question people are asking to explain Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960, First of all Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is the long topic which seems awkward in typing as well as in watching and trending on the 7th position of twitter worldwide trends

Some tweeted that Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is trending because it shows the number of tweets or mentions Justin Bieber has every day. Still Clarifications needed on this

Your Take reader on the trend Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 

Do you feel long words trends looks awkward ? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is the Trend today

After a long time blogging - so here we go with the trending topics on twitter today : Indian Trends

#WhenIWasAKid (Trending since yesterday on occassion of Children day)
Matoshree (Place where Mumbai Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray staying)
Jawaharlal Nehru (Trending since yesterday on occassion of Children day)
Suu Kyi
Xi Jinping
Happy Children's Day (Trending since yesterday on occassion of Children day)
Uddhav (Due to critical condition of Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Angry Birds star wars

Angry Birds Star Wars is launched you can download it for android from this link

Tagged in Angry Birds Star Wars | Angry Birds Download

Another extension of angry birds  which is Angry birds Star wars is launched today and trending on twitter worldwide. The game is based around the Space version and there are some replacement of the birds.

Fact : 

In May 2009 Rovio revealed the Angry bird series debuting on the iPhone which crossed 650m downloads, The Space version of angry birds sold 100m downloads within 76 days 


#SpeedDevil is trending on twitter - It is a quiz which is started by Delhi Airport @Delhi Airport

Some of the questions from the quiz

Answer a few simple questions & win with Delhi Airport :) 'Lap 1' is starting now! #SpeedDevil

Q1. Which city was initially proposed to host the Indian Grand Prix? #SpeedDevil

Q2. Which Airport plays leading role for providing logistical support to F1 in India? #SpeedDevil

Q3. Who won the First Indian Grand Prix? #SpeedDevil

Q4. What is the maximum permitted revolutions per minute (RPM) for F1 car engines? #SpeedDevil

Q5. What is the top speed a car can reach at the back straight of Buddh International Circuit? #SpeedDevil

Answers for 'Lap 1' Questions: 1) Kolkata 2) Delhi Airport 3) Sebastian Vellet 4) 18000 5) 199 mph/320 km/hr

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Another superb topic trending worldwide #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe or in simple words Things my Daddy taught me ? trending on second position around the globe with more than 20 tweets coming every 3 seconds let see what daddy taught them so that we can learn and learn and learn . .  . This topic of

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe  is also a related topic of #thingsmymomtaughtme

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe Before u talk, listen. Before u react, think. Before u criticize, wait. Before u pray, forgive. Before u quit, try.

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe to treat women like they were my mother..

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe "When you stop banging your head against the wall, it feels pretty good"

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe Don't give it all to this world, so when everybody leaves, you can still stand up on your own.

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe wasn't around long but to always protect my mommy :)

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe never accept less then being treated like a princess

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe nothing. I don't need a patriarchal authority to have a good moral fiber

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe I should never settle for anything less than I deserve. Ever.

#thingsmydaddytaughtme absolutely nothing. Single mom power

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe I should never settle cause I'm a princess and deserve someone who exceeds my standards

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe To treat bitches with respect.

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe you deserve the world so don't settle for anything less.

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe being too busy is never an excuse

#ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe to respect women.

Rs. 754 Crore loss Q2 - Kingfisher Airlines

754 was trending on twitter i though it might be for some price hike in some sector by the government of India but i was surprise to see that it was not any price hike but it was Kingfisher Airlines posts record Quarter 2 Net loss which is of Rs 754 Crore

There were moment or trends when topics such as Kingfisher, Vijay Mallaya trended on twitter because of the position of the company and staff protest. The Airline posted net loss of Rs 754 crore for the quarter of September and 469 crore a year before.

The company said it is preparing a comprehensive plan to restart the operations. Although the revenues decreased from 87%. KingfisherBSE shares are decreased or down by 39% this year closing at Rs 12. 8 where as in 2007 it was Rs 334

There are many doubts on Kingfisher would fly again in future since there is no concrete recovery plan. The company has a burden of debt which is more than Rs 7524 crore.

We hope everything get settled as Kingfisher to rise the wings higher to the sky.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pakistani Tere Naam 2 Artist - Sikandar Sanam - died

sikandar sanam died death, no moreSab ko hasaane walaa . . . Aaj Humko rulaa gayaa .

A very sad news of Sikandar Sanam - who was well known for doing spoof of Bollywood movies - Tere Naam 2 was one of the most famous movie and was downloaded by man. Sikandar Sanam originally named as Muhammad Sikander and spoofed many bollywood movies such as Tere Naam 2 - Ghajini and so on He also participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and passed away last night due to Liver Cancer

Sikandar Sanam gain popularity due to his stage mimicry and stand up comedies. He was suffering through liver cancer and got admitted in Aga Khan University Hospital Later he was discharged. He died yesterday because of the disease. famous personalities such as Umer Sharif, Shakeel Siddiqui, Rauf Lalaa and otheres were present at the burial

Some of the images of Sikandar Sanam :

Movies in which Sikandar Sanam worked - (Wikipedia source)

Worldwide Trending Topics today

Worldwide trends on Twitter : 

Happy Election Day
Estados Unidos
Halo 4

Top trending topic on twitter - Indian Trends - Haji Ali since morning 

Trending Topics on Google +

New Zealand
Mitt Romney

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tweet of the Day

Really like this tweet by shamim chowdhury ‏@butsandifs

"Not surprised at this Haji Ali ban on women. Even Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi does not allow women inside tomb area."

On Haji Ali Ban restricted women. 

Women Restricted at Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali trending on twitter - since The Haji Ali Dargah trush has banned women to enter the Dargah. Many are shocked and against the decision. But as per sharia it is considered as a sin for women to enter Dargah, that is why many women are not even allowed Muslim Cemetery.

Mr Merchant says - "There are no restrictions. They can read their prayers, do namaz and offer shawls and flowers. All that we are requesting to our sisters is not to enter inside the dargah,"

About Haji Ali Dargah :

The Haji Ali Dargah is a Mosque and Tomb located in the southern part of Mumbai - near to Worli. It is One of the most recognizable landmarks of Mumbai.

The construction of Haji Ali Dargah was completed in the year 1431 in the memory of Muslim Merchant - Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A). Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A) travelled around the world in early to mid of 15th century and finally settled in Mumbai. On every thursday and friday, there are atleast 40000 pilgrims visiting the dargah, to get the blessings of Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A).

Personal collection of Images - Haji Ali Dargah - Mumbai
haji ali dargah, banned, women
Haji Ali dargah - women restriction

haji ali dargah, banned, women
Haji Ali Dargah - The Hotel 

banned on women entering haji ali dargah - mumbai
Back side of Haji Ali Dargah 

haji ali dargah
Right hand side images from Haji Ali Dargah 

banned, restriction, for women, haji ali dargah
Look Of Worli Atria mall from Haji Ali dargah

banned on women, restriction to enter the dargah
Haji Ali dargah

Some of the facts about Haji Ali :
  • One of the fact or myth believed is that Haji Ali (RA) died on the return journey from Mecca. His body in its casket floated back to Bombay (Mumbai)
  • Haji Ali is considered as one of the costliest place of Mumbai for Outdoor Advertising - since there are Millions of vehicles which moves every day
  • Haji Ali is the only shrine in Asia which is located in the Middle of the sea 
  • I have personally seen A R Rahman offering friday prayers many times. 
You take reader : 

Do you Agree with the Ban on Women ? - Comment