Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#MidWeekStressBuster - Tips on Mid Week Stress Buster

#MidWeekStressBuster Mid week stress buster another trending topic in India since being wednesday today and i think tweeple's need some tips where they can reduce their mid week stress.

Here we go with some of the suggestions from Tweeple's on what they think the tips on #MidWeekStressBuster or Mid week stress Buster :

#MidWeekStressBuster Be active, Take control & have some 'me' time! Read more...

#MidWeekStressBuster ? Beer is always the answer!

#MidWeekStressBuster the awesome Salman Khan movies at 9PM

#MidWeekStressBuster Hookah , Beer .

Pizza + Coke is Best #MidWeekStressBuster.

Robert Frost And Rabindranath Tagore's poems #MidWeekStressBuster

Catch up with a friend for coffee. :) #MidWeekStressBuster

#MidWeekStressBuster party with close friend

#MidWeekStressBuster Plug in headphone. Music On. Life Smooth!

-Source - collected from tweeples

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