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World Heart Day - 5 tips for your healthy heart

#worldheartday - World heart day - Heart disease, heart attack, Heart Problems, Heart Failure they all are dangerous words, which no one would like to encounter. World heart day is celebrated today on 29th of September every year. World heart day was started in the year 2000 to convey the message of heart diseases which can cause death and how to keep your heart healthy

The fact is that by the year 2030 more than 23 million people will die from cardiovascular disease annually. World heart federation spread the news together with its member then 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke can be easily avoided if the use of tobacco, unhealthy diet are controlled properly.

Check out 5 ways to keep your heart healthy:

Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Simple ways to be happy

Every creature on this earth find or research on ways to feel happy, easy ways to be happy, how to be happiness or either way every one wants to be happy from their life today we will be covering 10 Simple ways to be Happy in life.

1. Acceptance of your powers when you are trying to change things and they failing. Try your best you will either be a learner not a looser

2. Leave those who are hurting you, let them go out of your life since if you are considering them then you already know who are those people

3. Sing, Dance on your favorite song - Dance as you are alone in this world

4. Go to gym and take the pain of training you will find feelings are nothing

While studying I think the following : -

Another superb long trending topic is #WhileStudyingIThink - in simple terms While studying I think - Ok as every one know the mind work till the human is born and it stop when you are in the examination hall. I personally experience that there are many bad or either good thoughts which either demotivate or motivate you when you are appearing to examinations.

#WhileStudyingIThink is a trending topic in India which is a contest played on twitter by WeLearnIndia


"Tweet what all thoughts come to your mind while studying at #WhileStudyingIThink & stand a chance to win a Gift".

Following are the list of tweeples thinking on the topic #WhileStudyingIThink

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor

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Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor, 28th september 1982 the day when Ranbir kapoor was born as a forth generation to Kapoor family. Ranbir Kapoor was born to Actor Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. He also has a sister Riddhima. Ranbir studied at Bombay Scottish School located in Mumbai. Ranbir made his debut in the year 2007 with Sanjay leela bhansali - saawariya opposite Sonam Kapoor - further he also worked in a romantic comedy movie Bachna Ae Haseeno along with Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba and Deepika Padukone.

Awards : 

Ranbir got Filmfare award for the best male debut, Best Actor & Best performances

Recent Movie of Ranbir kapoor Barfee opposite Priyanka chopra where he played a role of deaf man was a hit at the box office

Check out Ranbir Kapoor childhood images Exclusive

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We were Children

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When we were children - childhood memories - #WhenWeWereChildren is a trending topic of twitter - today we will try to cover some images which will serve the purpose of this twitter trend

Here we go with the images

#WhenWeWereChildren - these 2 weapons of my mother

#WhenWeWereChildren - Cassetes and pen were having the best relationship on earth

#WhenWeWereChildren we use to travel to school like this

#WhenWeWereChildren  below were the list of serials

Google Celebrated 14th birthday - Doodle

Tagged as Google Doodle | google doodle archive | google doodle collection
Many many happy returns of the day Google! - I am feeling Lucky. Yes previously we covered topics such as Life without google and today google turned 14 years celebrating its birthday with an animated doodle

Google is considered as one of the largest search engine on the internet followed by Bing and other's. Google featured a chocolate cake as a doodle theme with 14 candles and obviously the letters of google can be catched from the cake.

Till the year 2005 google celebrated its birthday on september 7th however from 2005 onwards google opted sepetember 27th for its birthday celebration

Do these thing before you die - BeforeYouDie

Tagged as Before you die | Trending Topic #BeforeYouDie

Before you die is a trending topic of twitter here we go with the list what tweeples think about the things they would like to do, know before they die

Live,Love,Smile,Laugh,cry,enjoy #BeforeYouDie

#BeforeYouDie make sure you live and not just stay alive!

#BeforeYouDie LIVE! In my words "LIVE before U LEAVE"

#BeforeYouDie Make sure you delete all the video compilation of your most non-attractive surveillance camera appearances.

Take a look to the sky just #BeforeYouDie; it's the last time you will.

Let's do it once more #BeforeYouDie

Want to know Victoria's Secret !! #BeforeYouDie

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe - Things you Don't say to me

Tagged in me to you things

There are many things people expect from there loved one, therefore today top trending topics is #ThingsYouDontSayToMe here is what the reaction related to the trend

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe DO NOT text me "call me" I will automatically assume it's an emergency and flip out.

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe "we need to talk"

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe football is better than fútbol. No....You should be slapped.

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe I HATE YOU! :)

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe I hate Harry Potter.

#ThingsYouDontSayToMe I like Twilight.

Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jaana tera - Original

Tagged in Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jaana tera 
Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani - One of the best sher i used to read infront of my wife every time when she was my girlfriend, There are two themes of this shayari one is used as sher or shayari (Poem) and other one is considered as lyrics of a ghazal

Le chala jaan meri rooth ke jaana tera,
aise aane se to behtar tha na aana tera

apne dil ko bhi bataoon na thikana tera,
sab ne jaana jo pata ek ne jaana tera

tu jo aye zulf pareshaan si raha karti hai,
kiske ujdeh hue dil me hai thikana tere

arzoo hi na rahi subh-e-watan ki mujhko,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - Questions I Hate Being Asked

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There are many questions in life which a person hate – simply when you come late from outings with your friends, and someone ask where you were ? You hate that – isn’t it ? There are many questions which people hate when you asked – the hate may be the timing you are asking the question or may be the mood of the person or the situation. Let see what are the types of question people hate if asked

That awkward moment when someone asks " what's wrong? " and they are the problem. #QuestionsIHateBeingAsked

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked what DVD do you want to watch? If it wasn't for your dumb question we could be 12 seconds into Mean Girls by now

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked do you have receipts for all these flatscreen TVs?

#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - Paper or plastic? For here or to go? What's the formula for a squeezed coherent quantum harmonic oscillator?

#MyExTaughtMe - My Ex Taught Me

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 #MyExTaughtMe - My Ex Taught Me is another interesting topic which is trending on twitter today let see what is tweeples reaction and what their ex taugh them in life.

#MyExTaughtMe you can't keep chasing after someone that just doesn't want you!

#MyExTaughtMe differential calculus and quantum mechanics. I taught him how to rob stuff from Tesco. He's in jail now - gets bummed a lot.

#MyExTaughtMe that lassies are not just cows when on their periods but 95% of their lives

#MyExTaughtMe how to being a strong person when someone special leaving me.

#MyExTaughtMe that i am too awesome to be in a relationship

#WhatWomenWant - List of what Women want

#WhatWomenWant – What Women Want is one of the most difficult question – Just kidding – yes this is today’s trending topic of twitter – What women want let see some of the interesting tweets related to this topic

#WhatWomenWant - A guy they can hold on to and call their own

#WhatWomenWant is a microwave that would cook anything and everything yummy for them at the push of a button!

#WhatWomenWant - Everything you can't give her.

#WhatWomenWant ? I guess everything !!!!

#WhatWomenWant is to know what they want

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thilakan died - RIP - His Achievements - film actin

Malayalam Actor Surendranatha Thilakan is no more RIP - Thilakan is trending on top twitter trends of India.  Thilakan  who worked in more than 200 Malayalam films was an Indian film and stage actors and considered as one of the finest actors in Indian Cinema for his best and excel roles, He was awarded with lifetime award in 2005 by Filmfare and Padma shri in the year 2009 towards the contribution for Arts.

Awards and Achievements :

National Film Awards:
1988 : Best Supporting Actor - Hrithubhedam
2007 : Special Jury Award (Actor) - Ekantham

Asianet Film Awards

2001 : Lifetime Achievement Award

Civilian Awards:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

#IGotDrunkAnd . . . .

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#IGotDrunkAnd . . . trending topic on twitter worldwide - check out the list of tweets below for the topic #IGotDrunkAnd

That awkward moment when #IGotDrunkAnd you're still ugly.

#IGotDrunkAnd sacrificed someone to The Illuminati.

#IGotDrunkAnd no one died, I didn't get pregnant, and I woke up with zero tattoos.

#IGotDrunkAnd got drunk.

#IGotDrunkAnd killed 6 million Jews. Jk. I wasn't drunk. #Lawlz

#IGotDrunkAnd you were still ugly...

#NameThatWasAlmostYours - Name that was almost yours

Tagged as - Twitter trending topic | topik
#NameThatWasAlmostYours - Name that was almost yours - trending topic worldwide monday morning

Here we go with the list of tweets on the trending #NameThatWasAlmostYours

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Regina George

#Namethatwasalmostyours Water, Cause all these bitches thirsty (;

#NameThatWasAlmostYours axe. As in axeident.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours first name? GREATEST. last name? EVER.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Ariel, because my mom wanted me to be a red head like the Disney mermaid..

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Sierra or Sunshine, they couldn't decide so they used both. Ahahahhahaha

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Gretchen Wieners

#NameThatWasAlmostYours seksiest fukin persin in teh wurld bt dat wuz 2 long

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Dwight Radden lmaao like wtf. I would been mad.

#NameThatWasAlmostYours Anastasia! Like really mom?!!!

#NameThatWasAlmostYours esteban julio ricardo montoya de la rosa ramirez buuuut my parents decided 3 letters was enough

Quotes on Tongue

Tagged as Tongue quotes| Quotes on the tongue |Quotes on Tongue 

- My personal collection

"A tongue is just a small part of your Mouth, But the Strongest"

"Before spitting words from your mouth, Do taste them with your tongue"

"Either people will throw Sweets or Shoes, because of your tongue"

"People will go in Hell because of two things - One which is inbetween your teeth and another which is inbetween your legs"

"A shot of arrow from the bow, and A shot of words from the tongue cannot come back"

"Tongue will be always slippery, Hence control is important"

"Tongue don't have bones, hence it slips easily"

- My personal collection

Rush 2012 - Emraan Hashmi, Neha Dhupia Movie

Tagged as Rush Movie | 2012 | Emraan Hashmi |Rush the movie | Emraan Hashmi The superstar | Neha Dhupia Movies

"Jo Aadmi Risk Nahi Leta, Uska Sab Kucch Risky Ho Jaata Hai"

#EmraanHashmiTheSuperstar is trending on twitter because of his upcoming movie with Neha Dhupia, Sagarika Ghatge & Aditya Pancholi. The movie Rush is directed by Shamim Desai & Priyanka Desai, Music is gien by Pritam and distributed by Percept Picture Company.

The schedule date of release of the movie is 26th October 2012.

Movie Casting :

Emraan Hashmi as Sam Grover
Neha Dhupia
Sagarika Ghatge
Aditya Pancholi

The story contains Politics, crime, Romance & Media

Watch the trailer of the movie which published today on Youtube.

Last movie in which Emraan Hashmi worked was Raaz 3D which worked average on the box office, Neha Dhupia was seen in I am 24 which also not worked at the box office. Sagarika Ghatge was seen in the movies such as chak de India, Fox & Miley Naa Miley Hum where the roles were just supporting Actress.

The most interesting part of the movie is that this will be releasing in Eid (Bakri Eid) - I think this is the similar strategy which salman khan opted from his past movies.

Here we go with the posters related to Rush Movie

You'll never walk alone - lyrics

Tagged as You'll never walk alone | Youllnever walk alone

You'll Never Walk Alone is another trending topic on twitter

Below is the image for the list of tweets for the topic - You'll never walk alone

You can check out the lyrics You'll never walk alone from this ink
Liverpool F.c - You'll Never Walk Alone Lyrics @

Meaning of #ConHarryPotterAprendí and why it is trending ?

Tagged as Last trend in #ConHarryPotterAprendí is another trending topics worldwide which is on the top position. From the first 3 tweets for this topic people think that this is related to Harry Potter but still not understanding why this topic is trending

Here is what people are writing to understand this trend
  • #ConHarryPotterAprendi is trending. I'm curious. What does this mean? :))
  • #ConHarryPotterAprendí i don't know what this means but if its got Harry Potter in it....i'll Tweet about it..:) #PotterFans
  • I have no idea what the trend #ConHarryPotterAprendí means. but it has "harry potter" in it, so i don't really like it. LOL 
  • #ConHarryPotterAprendí dont know what it means but i love harry potter!
After my research i understood that this trend speaks what Harry Potter learned although the meaning of Con from google translation says "with" and meaning of Aprendi is "Learned"

#ConHarryPotterAprendí que o amor é a magia mais poderosa do mundo
English translation of this tweet (Portuguese)
# ConHarryPotterAprendí that love is the most powerful magic in the world

#ConHarryPotterAprendí que tú eres una chica, Hermione.
English translation of this tweet (Spanish)
# ConHarryPotterAprendí you're a girl, Hermione.

#ConHarryPotterAprendí a abrir las puertas sin usar las llaves.

English translation of this tweet (Spanish)
# ConHarryPotterAprendí to open the doors without using the key.

I we summarize the above 3 tweets in english completely they will look like this :
What you learned from Harry potter - that love is the most powerful magic in the world

or with hash tag

#WhatYouLearnedFromHarryPotter is to open the doors without using the key.


Another trending topic which states "End movie name with . . " is End movie name with Jungle main. We have seen that End movie name is continious trending topic of twitter, Previously we have seen trending topics such as end movie name with rome, end movie name with bathroom main and now #EndMovieNameWithJungleMain.

Let cover the tweeples reaction on this trend :

#EndMovieNameWithJungleMain HEROINE JUNGLE MAIN #Heroine

#EndMovieNameWithJungleMain Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar jungle main :-)

#EndMovieNameWithJungleMain Akele Hum Akele Tum Jungle Main. ...And now?

#EndMovieNameWithJungleMain Mujhse Jungle Main Karoge

#TheWorstFeelingIs The worst feeling is . .

The worst feeling ever, the worst feeling in the world, here we go with the list or the worst feeling is which is another trending topic of twitter in India. Most of the trends for the worst feeling is related to the crush or your loved one's

#TheWorstFeelingIs watching someone you love, love someone else the way they used to love you.

#TheWorstFeelingIs liking someone and knowing they will never have the same feelings for you

#TheWorstFeelingIs Seeing the person you love, love someone else.

#TheWorstFeelingIs when someone you use to be really close to doesn't even say hi to you anymore.

#TheWorstFeelingIs being replaced, forgotten, used, rejected and when you finally figure out that it's all because of LOVE.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today's reality

Very interesting lines on Today's reality, tried to cover some here we go. . .
  • Big house but small family. 
  • More education but less common sense
  • Advanced medicine but poor health 
  • Touched moon but neighbours unknown 
  • High income but less peace of Mind 
  • High IQ but less Emotions
  • Good knowledge but less wisdom and finally 
  • Lots of human beings but less humanity
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Friday, September 21, 2012

We stop looking for monsters under the bed when . .

"We stop looking for monsters under the bed, when we realize they're inside of us".
Other quotes you might be interest reading

My collection on Best Movie Quotes
Quotes By Boxer Muhammed Ali

Trending topic today in India

Twitter trending topics in India today | news 


Trending topic in India

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime - Favorite Songs of All time with lyrics

Tagged as Top 10 songs of all time | top songs ever | English top songs 

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime with lyrics, 10 Favorite Songs of All time

We collected these songs for the number of retweets to each particular tweet on the trend - Lyrics links are available to know more click on the respective links (Open in new window)

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime: Imagine - John Lennon - Lyrics 

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime 4 years old by Chris Brown - Lyrics 

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Goo Goo Dolls - Iris. - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Hoobastank - The Reason - Lyrics

#10FavouriteSongsOfAllTime Friday from Rebecca Black - Lyrics

Schedule your Future Tweets with

Another interesting topic for twitter users on how to schedule your twitter tweets for future with twuffer Previously we covered topic on How to schedule tweets for future with futuretweets. I am covering this topic since I have seen that people are too busy to get actively connected with their followers on twitter.

Hence there are certain tools on internet which can help you in managing your tweets for future or simply scheduling tweets as and when required. Scheduling a tweet for future helps you in to get connected with your followers and may be incline in followers.  Twuffer allows twitter user to compose list of tweets for future and schedule them accordingly. Currently in beta version Twuffer is free and can be used by anyone who need to schedule tweets.

Below is the screenshot when you go to

To start with you need to login with your twitter account which needs to be authorize if you already logged in and you will see the below screen:

Once you Authorize the application following screen will be shown

Now lets go into more details :

First you need to select the timezone in which you want to tweet – this helps in selecting particular target audiences also. If you want to display your tweets publicly on twuffer home page you can allow or disallow.

Dashboard : Twuffer has superb and simple dashboard which allows you to see the total number of tweets you entered, tweets which are schedule and number of tweet sent 
Schedule tweets : This feature allows you to see the number of schedule tweets, You can edit or delete the tweets and sort as required. Sent tweets tab will show you the number of sent tweets.

You can also check the fail tweets in the fail tab. 

According to my usage i will give 5 out of 5 stars because of simplicity and easiness for using, do check out more postings which will help in enhancing your twitter account 

Other topics you might be interested in 

Superb Definition

Superb definition

A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other!

A person who kills your ills with pills and Later with his bills.:):):)

It's an agreement wherein a man loses his bachelor's degree and a woman gains her master's

The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present

A curve that can set a lot of things straight!

Someone who is early when you are late
and late when you are early

The name men give to their mistakes

A person who tells you to go to hell
in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip

The only opportunity some married men
ever get to open their mouths

A person who, while falling from the
EIFFEL TOWER,says midway:

A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees in the end

One who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence afterward

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Stupid things people do 
Never Ever trust your eyes - See image

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#WaysToMakeMeSmile - List of ways to make someone smile

Tagged as ways to make some one happy - Worldwide trending topic  #WaysToMakeMeSmile - Ways to make me smile on the top position of twitter. Making someone smile is one of the biggest challenge since every one is worried with their problems - Making someone smile can bring tears

- I still remember that day when my friend made me smile and i cried hugging him - He only told me these words "You are a Graduate Now"

Let's see what are the ways that make you smile by tweeps:

#WaysToMakeMeSmile Send me a cute goodnight text while I'm sleeping so I wakes up with a smile on my face.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile do the cutest corniest things without caring what your friends think.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile stay in and watch movies with me all night.

#WaysToMakeMeSmile: Remember all the little things about me :D

#WaysToMakeMeSmile make me food

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor - biography & movie list

Tagged as Kareena kapoor biography | Kareena Kapoor movie list - Today's trending topic on twitter - Kareena Kapoor and #Heroine - Kareena Kapoor is trending on twitter because the Bollywood diva celebrates her birthday today. Lets have a look more on her life in detail

Updated information - #KareenaQuiz Trending on number 3 position

Birthday - 21st September, 1980

Martial status - Single and ready to mingle with Saif Ali Khan in this October

Kareena kapoor born to Randhir Kapoor and Babita. Her elder sister Karisma Kapoor who was also into bollywood from 1990's. Kareena Kapoor made her debut in the year 2000 with Abhishek Bacchan - Refugee. she is also know as her nick name Bebo.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham which got released in the year 2001 showed the actual potential of kareena kapoor and was huge hit at box office with the performance. Apart from that many other movie got released such as Mujeh Kucch Kehna hai, Yaadein, Ashoka which didn't succeeded but performance was appraised by the audience.

Following are the list of Movies by Kareena Kapoor :

Mahindra Quanto launched at Rs. 5.82 Lakh

Tagged as - India SUV | Mahindra Quanto - Multi utility vehicle Mahindra Quanto launched at superb price of Rs. 5.82 lakh. Mahindra Quanto is the smallest MUV in Mahindra product line. The basic version of Mahindra Quanto is priced at Rs. 5.82 Lakh while the high end model will go upto Rs. 7.36 Lakh.

Mahindra Quanto will be a seven seather which will be available in 6 variety of colors. Java Brown, Mist Silver, Fiery Black, Rocky Beige, Diamond while and Toreador Red.

This is another new segment which is opened by Quanto in Indian Automobile market.

Read More . . 

Rs 12,500 - trending on twitter check out why ?

Tagged as Bharat bandh
Rs 12,500 is another trending topic today on twitter along with Bharat Bandh.

CII - The Confederation of Indian Industry today estimated a loss of 12,500 crore Rupees caused with Bharat bandh effect. Many business and trade of the country was affected with Bharat Bandh. Since we covered Bharat bandh mumbai effect which is still trending today on twitter.

Source of the news - This link

#BooksIGrewUpWith - Which Book you grew up with ?

Tagged as romance novels with | romance novel with | Books I grew up with hmmmm. . . that's interesting topic on twitter trending on number 1 position let have a check what tweeples think on this
#BooksIGrewUpWith... Well, that goes without saying. Harry Potter of course!

#BooksIGrewUpWith Mr Midnight and Mr. Mystery! Those were the only story books I EVER read!

#BooksIGrewUpWith the Magic Treehouse series!

#BooksIGrewUpWith Tin Tin Magic School Bus Enid Blyton Mary Kate and Ashley Captain Underpants 
Mr Midnight

#BooksIGrewUpWith The very hungry caterpillar

#BooksIGrewUpWith - Goosebumps

#BooksIGrewUpWith My Pals Are Here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#BharatBandh - Mumbai effect

Tagged as Bharat Bandh | News from Mumbai | As usual in Mumbai - Trains are full packed, Auto Rickshaw are running properly, all shutters are open, people are leaving for office, Trains are specially on time today.

The affect of Bharat Bandh seems very low or i would say zero. Bharat bandh was announced over FDI in retail, diesel price hike.

Mumbai and other parts of Maharastra has not been following Bharat Bandh since festival of Ganesh chaturti is ongoing. All Public transport, supermarkte and other services are functioning normally. also schools and colleges are open.

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord - Describe your crush in one word - Contribute here

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord - Describe your crush in one word - Here we go with the tweeple's on this trend which is on top position worldwide

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord Curly!

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord extraordinary

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord FAT.

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord I don't have one..

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord irish

#DescribeYourCrushInOneWord unexpected.

Woman Character you Love #WomanCharacterYouLove

Another interesting topic on twitter trending on Indian trends #WomanCharacterYouLove - In simple terminology Woman character you love - dedicated to the roles they played in movie. First time i thought that this is for the roles woman play in real life eg :  A Mother, sister, wife and so on but this topic is related to movies

Here we go with the list of tweets, tweeple think about lovely character played by woman - Mix up reviews from real to reel life characters

#WomanCharacterYouLove Waheeda Rehman Pyasa,Guide,Teesri Kasam,Kaagaz Ke Phool,Chaudhvin Ka Chand.. The List is Endless..

#WomanCharacterYouLove Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

#WomanCharacterYouLove my mom :) as caring and harsh, but lovely in any mood.

#WomanCharacterYouLove Julie Andrews Sound Of Music

#WomanCharacterYouLove monica belluci... any character 

#WomanCharacterYouLove Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries


#CantStopSmilingWhen, I contributed these Fact images from the internet. They were awesome and can put a smile on your face or may be a laugh

here we go with the images :

Amitabh Bacchan with Aaradhya - Fake Photo on facebook

Just going through on my facebook and seen one Picture of Amitabh Bacchan holding a baby in her hand, with the title Amitabh Bacchan with Aaradhya. Further when research the image of Amitabh Bacchan iwth Aaradhya on KBC was totally fake. This was the image below

Although when research, It was a 10 month old girl on Kaun Banga Crorepati sets. The above photo is not of his grand daugher Aaradhya but, of Khushi - daughter of one of the contestant named Vineet Kumar from Coimbatore.

Tagged as Aishwarya rai baby

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#ThoughtsBeforeExams - Thoughts Before Examinations

#ThoughtsBeforeExams - What are your thoughts before Examinations ? Dangerous . Lets see what tweeps think on the #ThoughtsBeforeExams trend

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Not First Bench Pleeease

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Just three more hours remaining for FREEDOM!!!!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Iss baar kam se kam do threads aur teen blank supplements to ghar lekar hi aaunga.

 #ThoughtsBeforeExams – After this paper I will take a long rest

#ThoughtsBeforeExams – Where this chapter camed from ?

#ThoughtsBeforeExams The question you check just before entering the examination hall will definitely be 
there in the question paper.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I only have to study these many questions from these importent chapters, so that I 
can get at least passing marks.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I just want to pass this one and for the next one I'll study properly.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Dear God, if you get me through this one I swear I'll study for the next one.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams pehle, ye chapter maine nai kia. thodi der main, ye important nai lag raha. before 
exam, ye nai ayega. pakka!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I wish I get the highest marks!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams – I wanna kill the guy who created this History subject 

How to add header background image in New Twitter profile

Here we go with another posting on How you can add header background image in the new twitter profile banner

Go to Settings -----> Design tab ------>>> Customize your own where you will find

Header - Change Header

Select an image from your computer with the dimension of 1252X626 with a maximum size of 5 MB and check your twitter page by clicking the new Me Tab on twitter 

New Twitter Profile banner

Twitter made another change to make tweeple’s presence more meaningful.  From today there will be a new look which will be added to the user profile. Now user can upload a new header photograph as a banner on their twitter account. This facility is also available for the iPad and iPhone and android  applications 

This change will offer twitter user to know more about people via photographs they upload.  This is a new addition apart from your profile photo and background photo.

See Example Below :  

Twitter new profile will empower self branding, there is also a Me tab for which i awaited from a long time since it allows you to see your own profile with one single click. Previously to check your own profile you need to click on your name.

The new header looks some what similar to facebook profile picture

Check out more on

How to post pictures/photos on twitter quickly 
What is twitter for Dummies

Modern Family

Modern Family - How modern family is ?

Wife is like google - You search for one question and she provides you with multiple answers
Son is like facebook - whatever you do - He will shout everywhere
Daughter is like twitter - Everyone follow her

A note on Social Media

Social Media one of the most reputed names on Internet. Today we will cover importance of social media. There are many reasons where people start building their own social network. One of the most important reasons for building social media presence is Business opportunities. 

As per reports many reputed organizations are more focusing on social media since it bring more popularity and proper target audience which covert into business opportunities. Today there are many social networking website which allows people to build their own network in the areas they are interested in.

Today there are almost every internet user who wants to linked in with variety of users on a social platform. And people are growing as the years are passing. It is not only twitter, facebook linkedIn or Pinterest where you will find people, The platforms are increasing day by day.

Social media is so much addicted today to people that many people are being online via their mobile phones. People use social media for every purposes of their life. 

Explanation on twitter egg Avatar/image

After a long time here i explain you why twitter use egg avatar for new users or default users. I have even covered the disadvatages you face when you dont remove the egg avatar with your Picture on twitter.

First let’s begin with the Icons or Logo twitter use

Twitter logo is a bird – Birds lays egg

Home Button is a Bird house

Compose a tweet – A quill

And when you join twitter – You will see the egg image

– Can you relate something from the above icons used

Let’s connect more in detail explanation

When you join twitter – the default profile image is egg – which needs to be changed

Once the egg laid off it mean there will be a birth of a complete bird –A normal egg avatar can be considered as that you are not completely active user of Twitter since there is no image. You must remove the egg avatar to enhance your twitter account

The biggest disadvantage of using egg avatar on twitter :
  • You might be considered spammed
  • You are not a frequent user
  • No Increase in followers or may be non following
There are many tools which allows to remove the egg avatar followers quickly so be assure to remain the egg avatar and be a bird of twitter rather than just an egg

How to engage your twitter followers
How to get noticed on twitter in few steps

Monday, September 17, 2012

Superb & Famous - Quotes - Part 10

"We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic." -Susan Jeffers quote

"If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself." -GEN George Patton - quote on military

"Don't go through life, grow through life." -Eric Butterworth quote

Whatever we do in our lives should not be for our own selfish means, but to enrich the world through love. - 

Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas. - Donatella Versace – quote on art

When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them. -Plato quote

How to post Pictures/Photos on twitter quickly

"Photos speak louder than written tweets"

Is the above statement is true ? - - Yes, tweeting characters on twitter may not give that much importance, which a photograph or a picture provide. Posting related pictures to the tweets can enhance your twitter account and Improve your tweets

check out Top Tricks for your twitter account

Many people love viewing good pictures which communicate the message in one look rather reading the whole tweet. Sharing pictures on twitter is quite easy and can increase your twitter followers - this is another method used by people to engage twitter followers

There are many tools available where you can insert a picture/photo into your twitter tweet. Some of the great tools available are 
  • TwitPic
  • Instagram
  • TweetPhoto 
  • Yfrog and so on. . 
We will be covering the simple method to upload the photo on your tweets since the above may require advance usage of twitter and may tend to open a new window for tweeting a picture. 

You can easily tweet a picture from your twitter with the following steps :

Step 1: Create a new tweet

 Step 2 : Add your tweet subject and click on the camera icon
 Step 3: Select file
 Step 4: Click on the tweet button
 Check your tweet by expanding it

#ChildhoodChories - Theft you have done in your Childhood

#ChildhoodChories | Childhood Chories | Childhood theft is trending on twitter India - which is again an interesting topic on number 2 position today

Childhood - one of the most important and superb moment of every human, there were small theft or chories which we did in our childhood, contribute your childhood chories in the comment box.

Some of the views of tweeples on childhood chories

#ChildhoodChories stealing the chalk from the classroom

#childhoodchories Writing the most common leave not – “I was not well” or “my stomach was paining”.

#childhoodchories forgot my book at home when teacher ask for homework

#childhoodchories stealing chocolates from the fridge when every one sleep

#ChildhoodChories Signing the report card or leave note

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to use Twiends

We covered in our previous blog post on how twiends can increase you twitter followers quickly. In this post we will be covering how to use twiends.
Here we go with the steps on how to use twiends
Step 1: go to

On the front page you can either sign in via twitter or you can add your twitter account (See the box)

If you are already signed in from your twitter account twiends will ask for twitter authorization for the application
 If you have not logged in from your twitter account then you have to authorize the application by login into your twitter account
 After authorization you will see the below screen
Once you logged in from your twitter account there are 2 features which twiends will provide you 

A. you will get 25 seeds to your account 
B. You can select the best option for following people there are 3 option for to increase your twitter followers. 

 Once you selected the option you can seethe top bar (1) which shows you people you can follow applications, directories of people, seeds etc

2. Setting : There are various options in settings which we will be covering in below post

3 Seed : When you follow someone - you get seed / points and when some one follows you the seeds get deducted - You can set the seed offer for people who will follow you - this starts from minimum 2 seeds

4 Start following - you can see the seeds offered and start following people quickly

5. Followers with common interest - this allows you to filter the followers as per your choice/ interest.

#NowPlaying - Now Playing - Twitter

#NowPlaying is one of the most popular trend of twitter which from past 6 months i have noticed that it trends quite frequently. #NowPlaying trends sometimes around the world or sometimes in a particular country.
Now Playing trends because it shows that people who are listening to their favorite songs tweets

Say for example on twitter someone tweets - #NowPlaying - Micheal Jackson - Dangerous 

Twiends - How to increase your twitter followers Instantly

We have covered many topics previously on this blog on how you can improve your tweets on twitter or how to increase your twitter followers for free with some directories. Today we will discuss on to increase your targeted twitter followers instantly with a follow back. There are many directories which can help you in quick increase of your targeted followers, some may take time since you need to go into a process of unfollow then follow and so on. 

Today any business need targeted followers can can bring in business or can be interested in your tweets.Also targeted followers are important for people who are interested in having same interest, who like to target people to carry out their messages.


If you are looking out to increase your twitter followers quickly twiends can help you easily but the answer is that you have to follow people to get an instant follow back. Twiends work with a point system called as seeds. The number of people you follow will provide you with seeds and a follow back to your account will decrease your seeds. It is simply a gesture of return interms of getting and giving seed to the accounts  to whom you follow or who follows you

I have seen people allows with 2 seed on per follow till 7 seeds depending on the settings you do. Apart from this you can buy seeds directly starting at $9.95 for around 300 seed.

Advantages of using Twiends :
  • You get instant follow back
  • Free tool
  • You can set – Auto follow feature (Note : this features may affect your twitter account negatively)
  • You can add people from same interest or specific twitter followers

Disadvantages of using Twiends :
  • Limited to interest specific followers – 5 terms or keywords at a time
  • Loads slowly or sometimes duplicate the followers which you already followed
  • Auto follow feature can block your twitter account

Note : Don’t began the race in following people continuously. Since, there are limitations from twitter on everyday following.

Keep reading for other more tools which we would be coming up with, which can increase your twitter followers easily

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Engineers Day in India - 15th September

Wishing everyone a very Happy Engineers Day which is celebrated on 15th September every year in honour of the birth of a great Indian Engineer and statesman - Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya.

Sir  Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya is popularly known for his automatic flood protection system which got installed near Pune - Khadakvasla reservoir, Gwalior - Tigra Dam and in Mandya Krishnaraja Sagara (KRS) dam.

Sir  Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya was honoured with

List of Things that annoy Me - #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

#thingsthatannoyme Things that annoy me is trending on Twitter United States

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe Team Rocket.

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe Short Text Messages.

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe when people chew like goats.

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe When people are going to tell you something and then say "nevermind" 

End movie name with Bath room main

Another trending topic is  #EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain  

My tweets related to the trending topic #EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain  - End movie name with Bath room main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Ek tha tiger bathroom main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Harry potter and the half blood prince Bathroom main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Harry potter and the prisoner of Azakaban bathroom Main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Harry potter and the chambers of Secret Bathroom Main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Jab tak hai jaan Bathroom main

#EndMovieNameWithBathRoomMain Dirty Picture bathroom main

Top 10 Best of Engineers Pick Up lines - #EngineersPickUpLines

#EngineersPickUpLines is another trending topic of twitter here we collected for you the  Best of Engineers Pick Up lines -

Engineers Pick Up lines #1 : I am ready to git commit

Engineers Pick Up lines #2 : "I'm lean and agile and go down every weekend."

Engineers Pick Up lines #3 : If I was sin^2 and you were cos^2 together we would be 1

Engineers Pick Up lines #4 : Lets implement a baby which can inherit us.

Engineers Pick Up lines #5 : Our love is like dividing by zero…. you cannot define it...

Engineers Pick Up lines #6 : We are programmed for each other baby!

Engineers Pick Up lines #7 : Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #EE82EE

Engineers Pick Up lines #8 : Please allow me to keep term, forever?

Engineers Pick Up lines #9 : I will start studying from the beginning of the semester

Engineers Pick Up lines #10 : Finally after 20 years of studies i found X in you - The X factor of my life 

Top 10 Desi Habits - #DesiHabits

Desi Habits #DesiHabits trending topic of twitter today in Indian trends lets have a look on the list of Desi Habits by Indians

Desi Habit #1 - People will buy an iPhone worth Rs 45000, but will think 100 of time to buy an application worth Rs. 45.

Desi Habit #2 -Lemons are more powerful than your driving skills – hence you will always find lemons and chillies hanging infront of the car.

Desi Habit #3 - Closing your eyes and touching forehead, lips, chin, chest every time you pass by a temple.

Desi Habit #4 - Giving miss calls

Desi Habit #5 - Spitting on clean road

Desi Habit #6 - Bad luck if a cat cross your way

Desi Habit #7 - Using ladies facial or fairness cream  

Desi Habit #8 - Keeping handkerchief from the train window to reserve your seat

Desi Habit #9 - Bargaining for 10 Rs. while purchasing products of 200 Rs.

Desi Habit #10 - Liking your own status on facebook

Contribute more if you have any ideas on Desi Habits in the comment box 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish - Kannada Proverbs In English

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish - Kannada Proverbs In English is trending on Twitter India topic which is today latest trending topics

Following are the list of tweets related to Kanada Proverbs in English

#KannadaProverbsInEnglish Hold Donkey's legs to get your work done

Greed is the root cause of sorrow #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Dinner without buttermilk is like a Lady without Shyness #KannadaProverbsInEnglish #IKidYouNot

If the hand gets muddy, mouth will be filled with curds #Kannadaproverbsinenglish

Start practicing weapons only during wartime. #KannadaProverbsInEnglish

Person having teeth won't get peanut and person having peanut won't have teeth 

Quote - Part 9

"It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it." ~ General Douglas MacArthur quote #military

What determines your reality is not the side that you tend to be in, but what the purpose you intend to live for !“

"You don't write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say." F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

True words were never spoken: "What I am looking for is not out there; it is in me." - Helen Keller quote

Open your heart. There may be someone waiting to get in. quote #love E. Rhodes

Each day of my life I am sowing seeds that one day I will harvest. - Buddha.  quote

Clara Schumann - Google Doodle - Facts

Google doodle celebrating 193rd birth anniversary of Clara Schumann, One of the most renowned German Composer and Musician, Google on its home page posted a doodle dedicating the birth anniversary of Clara Schumann.

What the google doodle speaks ? Facts about Clara Schumann

#DirectionersSayHappyBirthdayToNiall or Directioner's Say Happy Birthday to Niall

Another trending topic on twitter worldwide is #DirectionersSayHappyBirthdayToNiall in twitter hashtag language. To simplify this it is Directioner's Say Happy Birthday to Niall

Loads of tweets coming for Niall on his 19th birthday today, Top tweets is from X factor which got around 3009 retweets

#TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish Tamil Proverbs in Simple English

Another Trending topic on Indian twitter trends today is #TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish or Tamil Proverbs in Simple English. Let's see what creativity tweeples have for this Trending topic

After no eye, sun good morning #TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish

Peacock peacok means feather won't drop! #TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish

God proposes, Arunachalam disposes #TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish

man can't stand wants nine wifes. #TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish

#TamilProverbsInSimpleEnglish cow oneside hit mathalam two side hit

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#MidWeekStressBuster - Tips on Mid Week Stress Buster

#MidWeekStressBuster Mid week stress buster another trending topic in India since being wednesday today and i think tweeple's need some tips where they can reduce their mid week stress.

Here we go with some of the suggestions from Tweeple's on what they think the tips on #MidWeekStressBuster or Mid week stress Buster :

#MidWeekStressBuster Be active, Take control & have some 'me' time! Read more...

#MidWeekStressBuster ? Beer is always the answer!

#MidWeekStressBuster the awesome Salman Khan movies at 9PM