Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#ThoughtsBeforeExams - Thoughts Before Examinations

#ThoughtsBeforeExams - What are your thoughts before Examinations ? Dangerous . Lets see what tweeps think on the #ThoughtsBeforeExams trend

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Not First Bench Pleeease

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Just three more hours remaining for FREEDOM!!!!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Iss baar kam se kam do threads aur teen blank supplements to ghar lekar hi aaunga.

 #ThoughtsBeforeExams – After this paper I will take a long rest

#ThoughtsBeforeExams – Where this chapter camed from ?

#ThoughtsBeforeExams The question you check just before entering the examination hall will definitely be 
there in the question paper.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I only have to study these many questions from these importent chapters, so that I 
can get at least passing marks.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I just want to pass this one and for the next one I'll study properly.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams Dear God, if you get me through this one I swear I'll study for the next one.

#ThoughtsBeforeExams pehle, ye chapter maine nai kia. thodi der main, ye important nai lag raha. before 
exam, ye nai ayega. pakka!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams I wish I get the highest marks!

#ThoughtsBeforeExams – I wanna kill the guy who created this History subject 

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