Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twiends - How to increase your twitter followers Instantly

We have covered many topics previously on this blog on how you can improve your tweets on twitter or how to increase your twitter followers for free with some directories. Today we will discuss on to increase your targeted twitter followers instantly with a follow back. There are many directories which can help you in quick increase of your targeted followers, some may take time since you need to go into a process of unfollow then follow and so on. 

Today any business need targeted followers can can bring in business or can be interested in your tweets.Also targeted followers are important for people who are interested in having same interest, who like to target people to carry out their messages.


If you are looking out to increase your twitter followers quickly twiends can help you easily but the answer is that you have to follow people to get an instant follow back. Twiends work with a point system called as seeds. The number of people you follow will provide you with seeds and a follow back to your account will decrease your seeds. It is simply a gesture of return interms of getting and giving seed to the accounts  to whom you follow or who follows you

I have seen people allows with 2 seed on per follow till 7 seeds depending on the settings you do. Apart from this you can buy seeds directly starting at $9.95 for around 300 seed.

Advantages of using Twiends :
  • You get instant follow back
  • Free tool
  • You can set – Auto follow feature (Note : this features may affect your twitter account negatively)
  • You can add people from same interest or specific twitter followers

Disadvantages of using Twiends :
  • Limited to interest specific followers – 5 terms or keywords at a time
  • Loads slowly or sometimes duplicate the followers which you already followed
  • Auto follow feature can block your twitter account

Note : Don’t began the race in following people continuously. Since, there are limitations from twitter on everyday following.

Keep reading for other more tools which we would be coming up with, which can increase your twitter followers easily

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