Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#Lazyrule - List of Lazy Rule

Lazy rule #1 - Never Don't download any music.. get it via email or Blue tooth

Lazy rule #2 – You get thirsty when someone is in Kitchen.

Lazy rule  #3 - Mark all message as  read in your mail box

Lazy rule #4 – Understanding what happening in your country by just reading the first and last page of a 

Lazy rule #5 – If the remote is far away from your reach – you will use your leg thumb to change the channel.

Lazy Rule #6 – Your track pants is your dress for a whole day – if you are not going out

Lazy rule #7 – You hands can’t read on the ground when you drop something

Lazy Rule #8 – You feel water is dangerous if you are staying at home all the day – No Shower.

Lazy Rule #9 –  If something falls under your bed, it's gone. Forever

Lazy Rule #10 - If you spill water,  It will automatically dry.

Lazy rule#11 -  Never ever charge your cell phone until it says 2% battery remaining.

Lazy Rule #12 – You can hold your pee, if it happens in the middle of the night

Lazy rule #13 – First remove the wire from the telephone, the buttons

Lazy rule #14 – Snooze, Snooze, Snooze – Alarm stop Awake and run

Lazy rule  #15 – Use windows + D key to minimize

Lazy rule #16 –Just shut the screen of your laptop instead following the Hibernate procedure

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