Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to drive Traffic from Twitter Account

How To attract your Twitter followers to your website | How to get traffic to your website ?

Have you landed up on this blog post from Twitter ? Then I have increased my traffic by one visitor. . . (Live Example ) In this post which is again on social media and Search engine optimization we will speak on how you can increase your website traffic with the help of twitter account. But before starting you should note that twitter should not be the only traffic source henceforth you need to concentrate on other areas also such as link building, Content writing and other to build more traffic to your website.

My personal experience 

If you see this current blog there is around 55,000 page views which i got from various other activities from past 4 months out of which there are 30% of traffic has been drive from twitter itself. I will share my experiences in the tips section

Here we go with some of the Tips where you can increase the traffic from twitter :

  • Include a tweet button : Once you have created your twitter account you can convert your followers into your traffic and may be into your website subscribers which will help you in Long term. One of the first tip is to include a tweet button in your blog which allows you to tweet your article or blog post quickly. Apart from that it also allows other user to tweet it from there account which will drive the traffic to your website. 
  • Include a link in your Twitter bio : This is the simplest mistake people do of not including the website link into the twitter bio - "I personally gets more than 50 clicks on my blog for that link which i have posted in my twitter bio. so do remember to note that since it is vital. 
  • Include link while tweeting : This is sometime spammy if you put links in every tweet, but out of 10 tweets you can put link of your website in 4 post which will further increase the traffic from twitter to your website - do use the #HashTags while tweeting since it allows users for an easy search. 
  • Retweet : Retweet those people who are tweeting about your blog posting this will increase the value and they may tweet next time also. Retweet helps in keeping the topic on top when someone search. "One of my well-wisher tweeted about my blog posting on #SocialMedia and he got 17 retweets, that tweet was on top for 4 days while searching for #SocialMedia. I got around 800 clicks for that post."
  • Using HashTags : As said in the above post that on twitter people mostly search via hashtags # therefore implement the hash tags in your post to increase the power of your tweets. 
If you have more tips which you can share on how to drive traffic from twitter do share in the comment box

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