Thursday, November 1, 2012

7 powerful Tips on getting More Retweets

Everyone who tweets love to get twitter retweets - Retweets makes me smile - it shows the value of my tweets to the followers. Retweets are considered as one of the most important part of twitter networking. You might have millions of followers and if no one likes or retweets your message then it may be a waste.

How twitter retweets increase - A single retweet by a user or follower who have around 10000 followers increase the chances of getting more retweets since the message is communicated to higher group of people further. It normally works like a linking where the message is communicated to various groups across the globe in few seconds. Many times retweets creates trending topics on twitter.

In this article we will discuss on the tips which can help you getting more retweets. Follow these tips and you will be a successful twitter user.

UserName : User name plays a very important role in both getting followers as well as getting retweets. Awkward username normally fails in getting retweets and followers both - be short and powerful in your user name.

Never use 140 characters in your tweets : I have seen people who want to use every space of the 140 characters - sometimes they use short forms to complete their sentences. I am against it since if you have a good messages to speak you can convey it in few words. If you are looking out for a powerful tweet with many retweets than leave some space to get retweets - here we are taking about RT @Name

Keep Reader in Mind : This is one of the most overlook scenerio where the user forget about the reader. While writing a tweet check what your reader would love to read if they are ignoring your tweets then there is very less chances of getting retweets.

Create Interesting content : Unique Interesting or readeable content is a key of getting retweets, Give them a breaking news, keep humour sometimes

Never trick the user : This is also called as sharing un necessary links - In my experience there is less than 2% chances of getting retweets if you put link in your tweets - No matter how beautiful your tweet is crafted. The only tweets which gets retweets with link are the breaking news articles. so try to remove the link content where ever possible

Use Short urls : This give 2 advantages the first one is that you get more space for the characters and second the tweet looks neat and clean. There are many website which allows you to shorten your url one of them is

Grammar : Check your tweets before posting them no one will retweet unaccepted grammar to be retweeted since it create negative impressions on your retweeters or followers account.

Finally Remember that retweeting will only happens when you have strong and remarkable tweets for your followers to get retweets

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