Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is difference between Social Media and Social Networking

Social media vs. Social networking

Social media Social networking or social media networking they all sound similar but there are some of the differences. You may find that that even some people use the term called as social media marketing, which is again little broader in actual.

Read this simple story : 

You created Twitter account or Facebook account you started adding people in your group as per your preference. Some of them started following you back or some of them accepted your friend request. 

Then after a good number of connections with people you started posting messages and no one giving any gestures like a follow or a comment on your post, and then you realize that you created "social media" presence by adding people to your group but there is not networking or 2 way communication happening which is also called as "Social networking"

So you started getting engage with people reading their views and start interacting - That's was the day when you realize that you got how to build relationship by networking with others. 

I hope with the above story, you understood the difference between Social Media vs. Social networking. Now let's cover some more details which can differentiate Social Media with Social Networking.

  • In social media the communication is one way - you created followers or friends that's all but in social networking the communication works both ways you have to engage people sometime with pull strategy - putting some good message and sometime with push strategy - communicating and giving your reviews on their post or photos or messages. 

  • Social media represent channel of communication like what you choose to build your social media presence say for example :  - You may find twitter is better for you or may be creating YouTube videos or may be Facebook. Whereas in Social networking you build relationship by getting engage in the communication.

  • With Social media you say to people "I am here" and with social networking you say "I am here show me some Actions & thoughts" Therefore social media create a presence whereas social networking leverage and put your social media onto next level of communication. 

  • Social networking compare to social media act as a communication platform with people that you choose. 

Both Social Media and Social networking are two different terminologies having separate concepts. They both are used accordingly as per the business strategy 


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