Friday, November 16, 2012

#GetPIXed Contest

Another contest running on Indian trends today #GetPIXed 

After a long time on twitter Indian trends today #GetPIXed which is a contest by PIX Television ‏@PixTV. PIX Television ‏@PixTV #GetPIXed contest where there is a chance to win PIXTV goodie bag by answering some of the questions related to Holly wood movies 

  • Go go @PIXTV and click follow
  • You can submit as many entries you want which will make you better
  • You have to guess the name of all the Hollywood movies 
  • All the tweets should have #GetPIXed as a hash tag for eligibility 
  • Winners will be chosen at random 

Before #GetPIXed contest kicks off at 12.30, please have a lo... on Twitpic

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