Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is Twitter, How Twitter can help ?

What is Twitter ? and How it can help me ? One of the biggest question every one ask before starting with twitter here we go with this another blog posting related to twitter on How twitter can help you and what are the areas which it can be helpful. As we all know that twitter is one of the best website ever created to connect and communicate with people around the world online and it is free to join in few seconds. Twitter can help you in following people you like or make other people follow with the information you share to them. Twitter helps you in getting daily updates of the news from every corner of the world. 

Twitter helps you to create short messages and teach you how to communicate in few words. Twitter helps you in various areas such as marketing or business, personal development & branding, searching for real time results, getting news from every corner of the globe in real time, It helps you in understanding the trends people have related to a particular topic and so on. 

Twitter is one of the first word which comes to people mind when they create their social media marketing strategy. The first sharing of the article starts from twitter since every minute millions of people are online and search various news. It has even helped celebrities to be in contact with their fans every day and share activities they are doing. 

I hope with the above you got the information that What is twitter and how it can help you - I suggest you to create a twitter account and start posting tweets about what you are doing. 

It's Your Turn

Comment us Which are the other areas twitter can help you, or for which activity you are using twitter currently 

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