Thursday, November 22, 2012

What is trending topics of Australia

Why #AFLDraft is trending topic : @AFL posted a message on twitter which got more than 40 Retweets and trending on Top of australia Twitter Trends the tweets was

Adelaide has relinquished its first two picks in the NAB #AFLDraft as a gesture of goodwill towards resolving Tippett matter. 

#WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars : Top tweet on the above topic #WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars was done by Justin Hamilton which got retweets more than 25 times and 20 times favorite

@Wil_Anderson Whatever Bono was still looking for. #WhatHaveNASAFoundOnMars

#agtalks : Top tweet related to #agtalks was done by ABC rural 

 "We don't care where their food comes from, as long as it's cheap and looks good" Is it true? Listen live #agtalks 7pm 

#JanoskiansDoAwkwardPoolSituations : Lala brooks tweeted on the above trend which again top tweets for the above trend

#janoskiansdoawkwardpoolsituations #TeensReactToJanoskians any would do seriously RT


This is actually a promoted trend but again Damn it's True got more than 2000 retweets on the below tweet, One retweets from us since this tweet is crafted very well

#WhatAreYouThankfulFor my family, my friends, and everything I have in my life. Thanks mom and dad for everything you've done for me.

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