Saturday, November 3, 2012

When to change Profile Photos ?

"Photo speaks thousand words" - Is this statement sounds good ? Any social media account which you have will ask for photo since photo plays very important role in your identity - Photo can be your company logo or a group photo or a solo photo taken from your bathroom mirror! (writing with rolling eyes) 

Let's talk about changing your photo on your twitter account or any social media account -

So i have a new photo every week so should i change it or keep the similar one ? 

The answer is No! because your photo is your identity which helps your followers to recognize you if you change your photo every week then it might disturb them and you may found drops in your followers specifically on twitter. Apart from that since you get active your photo is the first thing which identify you within you followers. The Fact is no one see the user name they first check the image you have and the image create a bond within your group.

So When to change profile picture ?

Personally i created my facebook and twitter account 2 years back, since then i only changed my photo twice - may be my photos not look good (Smiling). But you can change the photo when you have some different looks. As time change people change their ways of living and hence their looks change - but i am sure look's don't change every day. Henceforth you can change your profile images but change on certain occasions. And after changing keep it for few months so that people can recognize, otherwise you may loose your identity on social media or twitter.

This post was specifically made for twitter profile pic so if you have new photos as an option you can put them into your tweets and then later make it as profile pics so that you will be recognize easily

Your Turn Reader : 

Do you really feel images taken from bathroom mirror with mobile phones looks sexy ?

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