Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rs. 754 Crore loss Q2 - Kingfisher Airlines

754 was trending on twitter i though it might be for some price hike in some sector by the government of India but i was surprise to see that it was not any price hike but it was Kingfisher Airlines posts record Quarter 2 Net loss which is of Rs 754 Crore

There were moment or trends when topics such as Kingfisher, Vijay Mallaya trended on twitter because of the position of the company and staff protest. The Airline posted net loss of Rs 754 crore for the quarter of September and 469 crore a year before.

The company said it is preparing a comprehensive plan to restart the operations. Although the revenues decreased from 87%. KingfisherBSE shares are decreased or down by 39% this year closing at Rs 12. 8 where as in 2007 it was Rs 334

There are many doubts on Kingfisher would fly again in future since there is no concrete recovery plan. The company has a burden of debt which is more than Rs 7524 crore.

We hope everything get settled as Kingfisher to rise the wings higher to the sky.

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