Saturday, November 24, 2012


Top Reasons to use Social Media for your Business 

Social Media marketing or social media networking these terms are becoming very common today and every business is using them to gain some competitive advantage. Social media Marketing or Networking for your business sounds like a small term or a part of media marketing but actually it is too broad because of the number of activities social media marketing has.

How Social Media Marketing helps your business ? 

This is the first important question any businessman ask before starting social media networking or social media marketing. The important lies in the the word "change". Did you remember those days where people use to do advertisement in newspaper to build brand for their product, the use of media was more traditional like using television to convey the message. Today many I would say all are skew towards using internet . . people research on internet before buying any product even for preparing food they search those YouTube videos which can help in perfection. specially youth at a very low age they are exposed to media and that too social media. 

Social media Marketing consist of various activities such as blogging, keeping touch with your customers online, Press releases etc. Social media in recent years have touched the human mind and their consciousness with online conversation and material. 

The Globe is changing

I hope you understand that why the world is changing from traditional media to a social media connected globe. Lets discuss the reasons why it is important for your business to enhance the presence and brand via social media marketing and networking. We will cover few points in this blog and other important point in part 2 

  • Social media Makes huge difference in your business since there are people who research online before actually buying products from the virtual store
  • Social Media allows your business to create brand awareness on Internet
  • It increase your Sales and Business Growth.
  • Social Media allows you to keep control of your Business Marketing Activities.
  • Internet research is today considered as a final trust - with social media activities you can build trust in the mind of your customers.
  • Go Global - Social media marketing allows you to go global and touches customers beyond your country.

We will be covering some more points on the importance of social media for your business - 2 in our next blog . . Stay reading. If you have more advantages on using social media for your business do comment and contribute your valuable experiences.

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  1. I am quite agree with your view points and now thing is that many business persons are understanding the power of social media marketing and they get much benefit from it.

    1. yes, the power of traditional media is getting decreased day by day, people are more on internet rather being on other media channels. I still remember the first lead which i created via social media and after that - it was never looking back

      Thanks & peace

  2. Whilst this emerging and developing medium for connecting people and 'doing business', is heralded by some as 'the answer' to successful marketing, it is worth considering some important facts that balance the argument.

    It may be pervasive, but is it persuasive?

    There is a lot of drivel that finds its way into our in boxes and online social groups and 'expert's appear to be growing exponentially.

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