Saturday, November 3, 2012

How many characters to use while creating tweets

Twitter has given me 140 characters limit - that's too short to convey my message !

The answer is No - 140 characters limit is very decent to convey your message - Have you ever seen those catchy newspaper headlines which is less then 100 characters short but convey high level message to the readers. Create your message strong & powerful, you will find 100 characters is enough to tweet.

Let's move . . .So how many characters maximum should you use while creating a tweet - Character limit of 140 looks very less which is always discussed in various forums for tweeting, and today we will discuss on how many characters ideally you should leave while tweeting and why.

After so many tweets which i tweeted personally i feel you must leave atleast 20 characters ideally while tweeting since if you cover complete 140 characters then it may not get retweets or replies which users or your followers would like to create.

Following are the areas where your 140 characters tweet affect:

@RT - at Retweet this is another method of retweeting from direct clicking on retweets if you create 140 characters tweet you are stopping your follower or user for using @RT

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@User - Many times followers put your name @User while using @RT so similarly the chances of self branding decrease if all characters is used.

Tip : Use shortening url's while putting links this will increase the chances of using more characters

it is not compulsory to leave 20 characters and not to use complete 140 characters in a tweet but try to create short tweets rather using shrtfrms in ur twit. oops sorry short forms in your tweets. This will increase the chances of getting more followers.

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How many characters you use at an average while tweeting ? Comment !

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