Friday, November 2, 2012

Professor who Predict Future Trending Topics of twitter

A very superb article which i would like to cover on the MIT professor who created algorithm to predict trending topics on twitter. Sound Strange ! but fact is that MIT professor claims to discover on how to predict to topics which will trend on twitter before twitter even know. We discussed in our previous postings that a trending topic is one which is popular around a country or around the world. In other words it is a topic which is hot to discuss
Professor Devevrat Shah and Stanislav Nikolov student will be presenting information at Interdisciplinary workshop on Information and decision in Social Networks at MIT in the month of November. the presentation of a new algorithm which predicts topics trending in an hour or in half before the twitter algorithm putting them on the list with 95 % accuracy.
The working of the same is through combing data into sample set.
I don't know how much twitter would be getting advantage on this, but I am sure we can can put those trends on our blog post before then trend on twitter.

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