Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Twitter

Another very basic article which i am covering today is How to twitter or how to start with twitter. As we all know that twitter is one of the most widely used social media which is used by many across the globe every day. Twitter helps in promoting business, or self branding or may just for fun, Twitter is another option where you can met with new people understanding what is happening around the globe with trending news on twitter.

Twitter helps you in quick interaction with people and it is takes just few steps to know How to twitter.

Following are the instruction to know How to twitter or how to get started with twitter : 

how to twitter > Go to your internet browser and start typing
> Now go to Get started  or Join twitter
> You need to create a user name as you create your email id by putting various information such as password, username, your complete name, email address etc.
> Once you filled the required information the next step is to find your friends who are already using twitter you can find your friends through connecting your Hotmail, Gmail or other accounts.
(If you don't want this step you can simply skip it).
> You can start following some people which can be suggested by twitter or you can add your interest to see the famous people who is on twitter
> You are now set - Start sharing the information in the form of tweet.

I hope this basic tip on how to twitter will help you to start with - there are many other activities which we covered on this blog for you do check out these related articles for more information on How to twitter

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