Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 10 Social Media Networking websites

Top 10 Social Media Networking websites for a Business

There are many social media networking websites where you can jump in and create accounts for your personal use or either for your business news - Remember that social media networking is not all about few websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many social media website out there which can build and increase your social media presence. Today we will be covering Top 10 Social Media Networking websites where your business page should be there. Why not personal since a single person may not be able to handle all those 10 accounts every day. Henceforth the more concentration is on business pages. 

As said that there are many more website out there to connect with people on social media networking and enhance your social presence with your clients. We are concentrating the first 10 which you should use. Here we go with the list 

Facebook - Do i need to explain more on this

Twitter - Many companies ignore twitter but it is one of the fastest growing social media website where you will find almost everyone. To be frank i use less Facebook than twitter (Addiction)

Google+ - I still remember when I asked a question on LinkedIn "The biggest mistake of 2011 in Social media marketing" and many said that not considering Google+ as a part. Yes they really mean that statement. Since the advantage people were getting was that their post were fetched up by Google Alerts also

- Videos speak and show - A business should create a youtube channel on youtube to show up new things they have for their customer. Apart from this it also help customer when something needed to be learn for a product.

Weibo - Weibo is a mini blogging services which is currently used in China, It allows you to have social chatting and sharing with people.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn helps you to keep professionals into your group, apart from this it helps you in announcing company news. You can give answers to people queries and post news related to your company. Many Human Resource manager use LinkedIn to find professionals.

Flickr - Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website which was acquired by Yahoo in the year 2005. You can embed photos and is used mostly by bloggers to host images.

Instagram - 100 million users - Don't you think that a huge audience, for sharing photos with other Instagram users. Apart from this you can even apply digital filter, and there are many other users from other social media networking website who are connected to Instagram.

SoundCloud - Again SoundCloud is growing and is one of the online audio distribution platform which helps in proper promotion, collaboration and distribution of Audio recordings.

Pinterest - A Pinboard style photo sharing website that allows you to create theme base image collection.

Try them all or one at a time - create a presence with followers and see the result - further you can take decision on which to concentrate more. The biggest advantage of having all these accounts is simple you increase your social media presence even when someone search your company on google, they will find your presence on so many social websites.

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