Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tweets which gets more Re-tweets

In our previous posting we discuss how to get more retweets on a tweet, In this article we will discuss about the variety of tweets which increases the chances of retweets. As discussed that getting followers who will listen to you is a tough task and so getting retweets. But if the tweets which are sent are interesting then the chances of getting retweets are much higher.

Quotes : Tweeting quotes from famous personalities plays important role since everyone would like to share those golden words with their followers. In my personal opinion i have tweeted many quotes from various personalities and have found that quotes works very well if you want to get retweet. You can check out our blog and the quotes we covered and can posts them as a tweets.

Tip - While quoting do put the author name since the retweets are relatively depend on the personality name - say for eg :  Einstein or Bob Marley etc.

Also use hashtags eg #Quote so that user get information when they are searching for quotes from various people

Fact - #Quote is one of the most trended topic in India - every morning #quote trend on India twitter trends

Humor tweets : Use trending topics to create humor  every one wants to laugh, Everyone loves to laugh and i am sure that you will find atleast one trending topic which has humor touch. Make someone smile and get retweet simply.

ShoutOut Tweets : This doesn't really mean to Shout from on streets, ShoutOut on twitter about the follower you like or about a tweet. Shout out helps you to get retweets from the followers or followers friends. This method will not bring more retweets but it can bring few retweets since it helps your followers. Shout out is used by many on twitter specifically for increasing followers eg : Shoutout RT - #TeamFollowBack @username

Break the news : Many twitter user love to get breaking news, and if you have one share it without looking back since breaking news or exclusive news sometimes create trends on twitter and you will find everytime that top tweets on the trending topics get the most number of retweets.

Trending Topics Tweets : Trending topics or Hash tags # - they also play importance in creating powerful tweets. check out the trending topics and tweets your views. Since you get wide user base who check trends and the chances of retweets increase.

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