Friday, November 2, 2012

How many times and When to tweet on twitter?

Tweeting Tweeting and Tweets from all the corner of the earth providing you with loads of information every day from almost many people. Having a twitter account is easy, getting followers is little tough and being retweeted by someone else is more tought. But the most important part today which we will be discussing is the timing of your tweets which can affect many things on your twitter account.
"I remember once when my colleague told me that you need to have a proper timing while communicating your messages otherwise it doesn't matter how good your message is, it may be wasted if there is no response."
Similarly there is a timing for tweeting and on the number of tweets you do every day to your followers which will increase the number of followers and also the retweets to your tweets.
So what is the best numbers of tweets you can sent every day ?
I think it actually depend on the way you are using your twitter account for. If you are using it for business purpose then the number of tweets will be more & more, and if you are using for self branding purpose for your self then 4 to 5 tweets with powerful content on a day is most. Otherwise hammering of tweets may affect your followings and other aspects of twitter account.
It doesn't mean that 5 is the maximum number as per timing or situation the numbers increase or decrease but i suggest tweet every day so that you are in connect with your followers and you don't loose them.
What is the best timing of tweet ?
This is a difficult question, but i suggest morning (Excluding monday) may be 11 : 00 am to 12 :00 pm is a good time where people look out for change and logged in to their twitter account. Apart from that 5:00 pm evening is also a responsive time where you get readers who have time to read your tweets.
(The timing is depend on how actually people work in your country)
On a higher level you can tweet anytime may be at night since we have 24 hours of timezone and there are millions of people who are online on twitter
If you are looking out for best timing for your tweets then you must check the audience and their countries they are residing at and plan accordingly. I understand that the timings of tweets may not be perfect for every one but you can share your experience in comment which time is suitable for tweeing ? or How many tweets you send every day.

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