Thursday, November 1, 2012

What is trending topic & How you can predict it ?

As we all know that twitter is becoming one of the most important part of every person social media life. Twitter is one of the largest social media websites where millions of people logging in to do various activities. Some use it to increase followers for their interest, some for marketing and so on.

I personally feel that news is one of the most important aspect which every twitter users like to get and news for twitter is now becoming trend since it allows you to search as per the keywords and you get results in a real time. Another aspects of using twitter apart from news and other activities is the trending topics or trends which twitter shows on the left hand side of the page.

For me my first look after the login is to check the trending topics on twitter, User check the list of trending topics in their own country and then around the world it may be other way round - Trending topics are provided for various countries so that someone can check the news or trends in their own country. Trending topics normally comes up with exploded tweets by people around one country or around every corner of the earth - Sometimes trending topics stays for a long may be for one day or for 3 days depending on the intensity of the tweets or participation by the people.

Trending topics on twitter allows the user to know which is the most hyped topic. Sometimes tweets become trending topics. People use Hash tags (#) to create trending topics sometimes. Trends on twitter sometimes can be predictable, say for example during Halloween festival #Halloween was trending across the globe - Today #NovemberWishes was trending on twitter since the starting of November, May be #HappyDiwali or Diwali trend for upcoming festival.

Sometimes celebrities birthday become trending topics or breaking news get to the charts of Twitter trending topics. Most repeated trending topics which i have seen on twitter is #NowPlaying which trends in many countries atleast once a month.

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