Saturday, November 17, 2012

#BanTheQuestion - List of questions which should be Ban

List of question which should be ban 

#BanTheQuestion is trending on twitter Indian trends since yesterday. The explanation on this trend is in the topic itself that question which should be ban. There are many questions which people hate when asked. Here we go with the list of question which people think should be banned. 

Beta tum to Engineer ho, humara pankha theek kar doge? #BanTheQuestion

Ma'am, we don't have Coke. Will Pepsi do? #BanTheQuestion

Whatever Arnab Goswami wants to know. #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion If Billi = Cat then What shud be the English name of Billa or Billu ??

Bada hoke kya banoge??? Doctor ya Engineer?? #BanTheQuestion

"What do you have to say on Hyderabad violence?" #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion 'Cheteshwar Pujara vs. Rahul Dravid'!

#BanTheQuestion: Parents asking, what marks did u get?! ... Instead ask, what did u learn?! So, students study4knowledge, not4marks.. #YES!+

Are you in love with me? #banthequestion

How are you? #banthequestion because everyone lie even if not fine :p

You need to restart your computer to complete the installation. Would you like to restart now? 

'When are you getting married?' For me personally ... #Banthequestion

When organisations call people for a job interview and ask THEM: so, why us? #banthequestion

Who is Shirish kunder's Husband ? #BanTheQuestion

Will Salman Khan ever have Kids ?? #BanTheQuestion

#BanTheQuestion "Whatz your age ?" for women and "Whatz your salary?" for men !

Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser? #BanTheQuestion

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