Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 5 tweets of United States - Trends

US - United States Twitter trending topics which we covered in our last blog post. Here we go with the top 5 tweets on the trends

#NameAWeakness :

#NameAWeakness Seeing my mother cry.

#nameaweakness - Chrisevans1221

#nameaweakness boys who play basketball

#nameaweakness Vampires who play baseball

#NameAWeakness When guys drive with their left hand on top of the wheel and right elbow on the console. You know what I'm talking about.


#ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey - She got a big Turkey, so I call her big Turkey.

#ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey never say turkey

#replacesongtitleswithturkey makin my way downtown, walking fast, turkeys pass and I'm home bound

#replacesongtitleswithturkey these turkeys can't hold me back these turkeys can't hold me back these turkeys can't hold me back

#replacesongtitleswithturkey Look me in my face, I ain't got no turkeys.


#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde cellphones were stupid and people were smart. Good times!

'Lets return to the times when we...' “@HaleyBrooke_XO: #VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde T'F does this say???”

#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde idk what this means lol

#VolvamosALosTiemposEnDonde yo era hija Ășnicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

#volvamosalostiemposendonde las cosas se decĂ­an de frente, no por redes sociales


#SpanishLyricsWeAllKnow Dale Dale Don Dale

#spanishlyricsweallknow suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaavemente besame que quiero sentir tus labios besandome otra vez

#spanishlyricsweallknow *girl sings in background* Papi dame lo que quiero !

#spanishlyricsweallknow mariposa traicioneraaaaaaa

#SpanishLyricsWeAllKnow suavemente besame


#AfricanLyricsWeAllKnow Sweet moda, I no go forget you. For this suffa wey you suffa for me o.

#AfricanLyricsWeAllKnow je m'appelle coupe coupee bibamba!!!!!!!! Yass dis one no go fail ohhhhhhh!

#AfricanLyricsWeAllKnow *the random drums right before Premier Gauo comes on* We don't know those

#AfricanLyricsWeAllKnow Girl you are my African queen...the girl of my dreams...

#AfricanLyricsWeAllKnow I dey catch a collldd, baby i dey catch a colddd.


#8ThingsICantLiveWithOut Cell Phone, Internet, Laptop, Google, a pencil & paper, Chocolate, 8+ hours of sleep, Shampoo.

#8ThingsICantLiveWithOut - air, food, water, internet, phone, computer, camera, & most importantly, you

#8thingsicantlivewithout? um, chipotle, oranges, chips, talking to Alberturd, tobygames, chipotle, chipotle & more oranges

#8ThingsICantLiveWithOut : Allah, Muhammad PBUH, Al-Quran, Hadith, Parents, family, teachers and Islam. without them, I'm nothing.

#8ThingsICantLiveWithOut the band room. #BandGeekFTW

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

No amount of turkey you eat will fill the lonely void in your heart. happy thanksgiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I thank God for the amazing love He has blessed me with through all of you! God bless you and love you all^^

Its officially Thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Weeeeee🎉

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thankful for God's unconditional love, my wonderful family, a great country, and a host of tremendous friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! God bless

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone thank U 4 all UR support without U Im nothing & I am so grateful 2 have such amazing people like U following me!

James Worthy:

James Worthy: "I thought this game was rather disgusting tonight... It was downright disgusting."

“This team is not as good as they think they are” James worthy on Lakers

James worthy called the game disgusting. And he has a point.

"This was a disgusting game" - James Worthy

Tonight we're playing the Sacramento Kings on their court. It's important that we start winning on the road as well! #GoLakers

Black friday:

Black friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

Check it out: this Black Friday, our music and merch will all be the exact same price as they usually are.
Followed by WaeL Jawa

Who taking me shopping on Black Friday though?

Black Friday. Hunger Games. #samething

We wish you a safe door-busting Black Friday, but if it goes south — we got you covered!

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