Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 - Explained

Why Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is trending on twitter ?

That's the Exact question people are asking to explain Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960, First of all Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is the long topic which seems awkward in typing as well as in watching and trending on the 7th position of twitter worldwide trends

Some tweeted that Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 is trending because it shows the number of tweets or mentions Justin Bieber has every day. Still Clarifications needed on this

Your Take reader on the trend Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 

Do you feel long words trends looks awkward ? 

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