Thursday, November 1, 2012


November is here and people on twitter are flooding messages around the world for their November wishes,  This is now becoming trend on Every start of the month before this it was October Wishes where people created it as one of the biggest trending topic worldwide. #NovemberWishes is trending worldwide from yesterday (31st October) and it is trending till today on top position of twitter trends.

Below are the November Wishes from people

#NovemberWishes A better love life, better grades at school, better in life, better me, everything in life is gonna be better.

#NovemberWishes No more drama, no more annoying people, no more fears, no more tears.

New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new page, new wishes! Welcome November! #NovemberWishes

#NovemberWishes Less pain. Less tears. Less stress. Less problems. More laugh. More smile. More happiness :D

#NovemberWishes me will find someone who will care about me more then before

#NovemberWishes goodluck untuk SPM candidates.

#NovemberWishes I need money.

#NovemberWishes Lasts longer relationship, always loving each other, and fix all the possible outcomes no matter what situation we may in..

Can become a powerful than ever and able to face all challenges and trial of God. insyaAllah, Amin. #NovemberWishes

#NovemberWishes hoping my family members will be nice and stop making me feel so worst about myself

Goodbye Sadness. Hello Happiness. Goodbye October. Hi November. May all of my wishes comes true ♥ InsyaAllah, Amin. #NovemberWishes

#NovemberWishes Hope my crush accepts me.

#NovemberWishes that the month doesn't go by too fast.

#NovemberWishes I need money. Lots of it.

#NovemberWishes No more crying

#NovemberWishes Have a perfect and sweet time with my loved ones.

#NovemberWishes i hope i can memorize what is "happiness" and i can forget what is "sadness" .

#NovemberWishes Memorable birthday :)

#NovemberWishes I just want to be happy.

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